Monday, February 14, 2011

First Letter Home

Andrew's first letter FINALLY came today!  His address is slightly different now.  Instead of 0412 it needs to be 0411, I guess he's going out a day earlier than planned?  Anyway, here's his letter.  (He filled in the blanks to a letter I sent with him to the MTC.)

My companion's name is Elder Sanderson.  He is from Heber, UT.  He is serving in the Alpine Mission.  We both like to exercise.  I don't have any other roommates.
For dinner tonight I ate potatoes and chicken.
I saw the following people:  Elder Porter, Elder Liddle, Elder Hamilton, Elder Burdett
My first impression of the MTC is I'm going to get lost.
The most important thing I learned at my first meeting was be obedient.
My P-day is Thursday.  I will write more later, but it will be a week.

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  1. (: (: Ahhh how cool that he's seen all those guys already!!!! (: (: