Monday, May 28, 2012

Andrew in Interlaken

A nice man sent this picture today.  I love people like him :)

This is Bro. Zenger's message to me about the picture:
We were in church in Interlaken and saw the missionaries . Elder Nakken's parents are friends of ours. We enjoyed meeting your son. 
Take care, 
The Zenger family

May 28, 2012

                Hello! Happy pfingst Monday! I totally forgot that it is Memorial Day (that is totally an American holiday) but today is pfingst monday! For those of you well versed in the Bible (hopefully that is all of you. If not, you can start now. Read Acts 2) this past weekend was Pentecost! Which is a lot bigger deal here then in Utah. So most of the stores are closed.
                Anyways, on with life. Unfortunately the weather was not so good last Monday, so we were unable to see the Matterhorn. But we did enjoy the 2 hour train ride from Bern to Zermatt. And then 2 hours back. But let me tell you about some of the great news of my life. Last saturday V______ S________, my favorite investigator in Wiener Neustadt, was baptized. YES!! Man that is so cool. Anyways, on with this last week...
                We had another finding day on Friday, and it was pretty awesome. We were able to find 23 potential investigators this time, which was pretty cool. Other then that, I really can`t remember much, but I am sure that some pretty cool stuff happened. Sorry :( The church in Switzerland is awesome. I just love it here. It is crazy how fast the time goes. It is almost June! AHH! There seems to be so little time. Elder Sanderson and I are really trying to raise it up. To give our best everyday. It is hard, but definitely worth it. The Book of Mormon is true. The principles of the gospel are true. They work. We can and we must repent. When I think about how much Christ did to provide us with the chance to repent, I must ask myself if there is more I can do to repent, and if there is not more that I can do to help others repent? Being a missionary is the best! Thank you for your love and support!

Elder Terry

Pictures from Zermatt:

May 21, 2012

Dear MOM,
         Well I am sorry but this letter is going to be short becuase we are going to Zermatt today to see the Matterhorn! So sorry, no chatting today. But yes, Elder Clegg is Palmer. He is cool. (One of Andrew's friends mentioned that one of Andrew's roommates from BYU was in his mission district and I didn't know them by last name so I asked Andrew which roommate it was)  And yes, I remember Bro. Zirker`s talk about the statistical report. And yeah, I like the statistical report. (We have had two outstanding talks given in our ward in the past using the Statistical Report---Andrew is now one of the missionaries in that count!!)  Anyways, this week was an interesting one for us. We went to München again to meet with Bru. Kohler the guy from the missionary department. It was really cool. He taught us a lot of cool stuff, especially about how we can teach better. So that is good. oh, yesterday I gave a talk in church. that was fun. Anyways, I will send you some pictures of the most famous mountain in the world next week. I love you!

Elder Terry

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Dear Mom, (finally  a letter addressed just to me!)
It was great to be able to talk with you, and to be able to see you. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!.
                This week was pretty excitingly eventful. First of all we had our first "finding" day on Thursday, where we weren`t allowed to have any appointments, we couldn`t do anything but find new investigators. We had a goal as a mission of 1400 new potential investigators, which is 20 per companionship. Elder Sanderson and I found 15 potential investigators, which was awesome! We are going to be SUPER busy this week meeting with them all! But we are excited. But on a sadder note, we found out that S_________ will be transferred to a new camp in St. Gallen on Wednesday. Which is very sad. We are trying to set up connections so that he can still be taught by the St. Gallen missionaries and can hopefully still be baptized on the 3rd of June, so we definitely need some prayer power there. As well R__________ told us on Saturday that she no longer wants to be baptized because she has already been baptized. And unfortunately the appointment didn`t go so well because of factors a little bit outside of our control, so that was also a downer. But I have been studying the Atonement every day, and what I find amazing is that the Atonement can repair and make up for our mistakes and sins, even for our bad appointments, after all that we can do. That is the true reason for hope, the reason we can never give in to despair. Because although our successes cannot compensate for our failures, there is one success that can--the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He has the power to bring "beauty for the ashes" of our mistakes, and to give us the "oil of joy for our mourning" when it seems all is lost. I know that is true, because I have felt it this week. I have been encircled in the arms of his love, and I know that he has room for us all.
Elder Terry

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Sei gegrüsst!
                Man, being on a mission is the best, just let me say that. This week was pretty awesomely good. It is funny to think that BYU invite was last week and that region is this week. Man, did I really graduate 2 years ago? Holy Swiss cows, I am old! Anyways, no one that is reading this really wants to hear me blabber on about "the good old days" so I will move on.
                Anyways, this week was good. First I will talk about my geographical experiences. I spent some time in a branch known as Reinach. And guess what? We were in a little town, and it turns out to be the town where Roger Federer is from. And GUESS WHAT? Nope, I didn`t get to meet him, but turns out that this town of Reinach is like SLC for a religion called anthrosolophy, or something like that. I can`t spell. But I really want to know what these people believe, so someone wikipedia it for me. I believe the founder of the religion was some guy with the last name of Steiner.
                Anyways, that was Tuesday to Wednesday, and then Thursday to Friday we went to München for Mission council. It was way cool. I love going there because it is like a spiritual recharge. But what was really cool this time is the experiences I had going to and coming back from München. So on the train ride from Bern to Zürich Elder Sanderson and I were studying and preparing for Mission council, and I suddenly had a really strong feeling that I needed to talk to someone on the train about the gospel. The lady sitting across aisle from us was reading a newspaper, and across from her was a young woman who had headphones in. And I didn`t think that it was either of them. So I started looking around to see who could be the one that is ready. But then I had the feeling that I really needed to talk to this lady sitting across from us. So I tried to ask her a question about German, but she totally ignored me, but the young woman sitting across from her took out her headphones and answered my question and we were about to have a conversation with her. She had actually done a missionary like thing for another church, and was really interested in religion. And what is more interesting is that she had actually gotten on the wrong train. Man, it is so cool because the Lord totally put her in our path.
                Then on the train ride home from München I sat across a man from Spain. And what is really cool is that while we were in München Elder Sanderson had the feeling that we should bring a Spanish Book of Mormon with us, so I was able to give this guy a Book of Mormon. It was really cool to see how the Lord had truly blessed and guided us this week. It was awesome.
                Well other then that there isn`t much newness happening. This Thursday we are doing a mission wide finding day where we will have no appointments and only "find" people all day. I am super excited, but please pray for us.
                Otherwise, I hope everything is going well at home. Good luck to everyone at region, but naturally Sidney gets the most luck. Anyways, thanks to everyone for all of their awesomeness. And guess what? The church is still true, and that isn`t going to change anytime soon! I know that the Lord is ready to bless us, if we will set our faith in him. "Ask and ye shall receive" so start asking so you can start receiving!

Elder Terry

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 30, 2012

                Well guess what? this week was awesome. And the first reason for awesomeness is...
S________! Our investigator from Tibet. Man he is so cool. His German and English both are limited, but he is learning them both ridiculously fast. He has an amazing desire to learn and is super humble. On Tuesday we brought him to institute, and he had a great time hanging out with the young single adults, and it was cool for him to develop some friends. Then Sunday he came to church and after church we took him to a family’s house, the Bradys. They are from America, and their 19 year old son just came from BYU to spend a month with his family before he goes on a mission, and he helped us teach S_______. It was really cool to see.
                2nd reason for awesomeness: R______. We met with her on Saturday, and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, (that is faith, repentance ,baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and we got to repentance and she told us that she wanted to be baptized but she didn`t know when. Man, that is every missionary's dream. So we set a baptismal date with her. Unfortunately something happened at her apartment so she couldn`t come to church, but she is doing good.
                Third reason for awesomeness: A cool family from Eeretria. So few weeks ago we visited a family from Eretria. The mom had interest, but she can`t speak English or German, so we couldn`t really communicate. But we went again, and this time her 16 year old daughter was there, who was able to translate for her, and the daughter had interest as well. They couldn`t come to church yesterday, but hopefully next week they will be able to come to church as a family!!!! Yeah, families are the best!
                Anyways, that is just a few of the reasons why this week was awesome. I am really enjoying my time here in Bern. It is crazy how fast time is passing by. I swear when you are a kid a day feels like forever, but man, the days are flying by now. But Elder Sanderson and I are working hard and are really focused on finding those people that the Lord has prepared for us. And man, there are so many of them. I hope you are all doing well, and I hope you have a great week. I love you!!

Elder Terry