Monday, September 5, 2011

Phone Call-but not from Andrew

Today when we got home from the T-wolf Trot I answered the phone and this nice man asked for Sister Terry.  He said he was in the Alpine German Mission, turns out he is from Idaho and was on a business trip to Vienna and ran into Andrew and his companion on their P-day.  It was a great phone call, pretty much what he says below is what he said to me on the phone.  Way fun!  Wish it could have been Andrew instead but I'll take what I can get. 

Dear Bro & Sis Talbot, Bro & Sis Terry,

What a treat for me to spend a few hours with your valiant sons in beautiful Vienna today. Being their P-day, they were on their way to see the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace when I ran into them on a crowded train... ironically, I also was going to see the Schonbrunn Palace. I can't overstate how "ironic" this was; we were still many miles from the palace, and they (or I) could have been going anywhere.

Your sons were outstanding emissaries of our Master; they engaged people in a very friendly way, offering to help take pictures for others, helping with a stroller on stairs, giving money to a man with no legs, asking a man about the book he was reading, and ALWAYS smiling... even in the heavy rain.

God bless you for your raising of these two fine Elders; I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do (holler if you need higher resolution versions).
Kevan Kjar

Kevan Kjar

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