Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Dear Mom,

                Well this week has been interesting. So I have a lot to explain.
                First off, one of the companionships in our district has really been struggling. I have been thinking a lot about what I can do to help them, and ended up deciding to fast for them, even though we had fasted on Sunday. So Elder Nielsen and I fasted on Tuesday, while I worked in
Zurich with one of the elders. And although we tried our best, we found no one. Then the next day we had district meeting in Richterswil and afterwards we had a finding day, and once again, we found no one. Needless to say I went home a little bit disappointed, frustrated, and wondering why in the world I felt inspired to fast if I wasn`t even going to find anyone. This is normally the part where you get to have a cool spiritual experience a few days later and suddenly everything is clear. But that hasn`t happened for me yet, but I have learned that all I can do is trust in God and keep moving forward. One unpleasant experience can`t outweigh all the good experiences. Needless to say, we are hoping and praying for miracles.
                And miracles are happening, if not always in the way that we want. Last Sunday two brothers from
Ghana came to church, and this week we were able to meet with them. They both have a lot of faith, and are really looking to find God’s help. Things are also going really well with Kurt Steiger. He is making a lot of progress, and is doing a great job of keeping the commandments. One of his friends came to visit him during Christmas, and brought a few bottles of wine and wanted Kurt to drink with him. But Kurt refused, and ended up hiding a few of the bottles so his friend coudn`t drink them. It was pretty funny.
                Yuri is also doing well. Really well. We experienced something really cool today with him. So ever since we arrived Yuri has been really hung up on the idea "the only true church". He always tells us that that is "fanatic" that we are like the Pharisees, and that there is more than one way to God. Like we have probably argued that point for more then 10 hours in many different  appointments, and he just wasn`t getting it. But we have felt inspired in the past few weeks to start sharing talks from apostles with him. Yesterday we watched a talk from Elder Scott and Pres. Eyring with him, and we were able to talk about it. And it was amazing to see how the spirit has worked on him. He told us that not even the Cardinals in the Catholic church have the power and the peace that the apostles have. He said that he doesn`t think that the Catholic church is bad, but that they don’t have the power that he saw in these men. Maybe this is the only true church, he said. Both Elder Nielsen and I were totally stunned, that after us arguing, reasoning, using every argument and scripture possible to explain it to him, that he sees the apostles and he is convinced. This was such a cool experience for us and showed really the power of the spirit to truly change that hearts of individuals. 
                I don`t have very much other new news. It finally snowed again here in Chur, and it is starting to get cold again, but we are excited and really looking for the elect of God, who have been prepared to receive this gospel. I really know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the only true and living church. I am so grateful for this knowledge in my life, and the wonderful opportunity to share this with others. I LOVE IT

Elder Terry

The shrinking sweater--oh well, at least it lasted this long

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