Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 7

(Editor's Note..We aren't sure why he is calling this week 7 when his last letter was week 5, but whatever)

Hallo mein Familie und Fruende, wie geht es Ihnen? es geht mir sehr gut.
The MTC is the place to be! Actually it’s been kinda lonely these past couple of days. A very large group of German elders left on Monday, almost 30 of them, and that is over half our zone. So needless to say we have been very lonely until yesterday when some new German elders arrived. 9 elders and 1 sister, all going to the Alpine Mission!!!!! It’s still the smallest our zone has been the entire time I've been here, so it’s kinda weird. And it was sad to say goodbye to the other elders. It’s crazy how quickly you become friends when you are together all day everyday for 6 weeks straight. Anyways, its going well here, we are excited to have some new Germans here, and this is also my companion's and mine last week as zone leaders. Our replacements got called last week, and we are training them this week, and then the show will belong to them. I guess we must have been REAALLYY bad to replace us so soon... hahahaha actually our branch president just likes to give a lot of people a chance to serve and calls new ones every 3 weeks. And maybe we were bad... who knows? Actually we got a new assignment from our branch president. Our branch is in charge of our residence hall, called the agent branch, and our branch president talked to Pres. Brown (the MTC president) and he wants to try out something new. He has assigned us to be in charge of our residence hall. Just to make sure all the rules are being followed, people are getting to bed on time, etc. We are called the Assistants to the Agent Branch President. hahahaha doesn't that sound cool? No actually I thought the branch president was joking when he told us, but it turned out he was serious. It shouldn't be too hard. We just walk around the building at night and ask the elders to make sure they are in bed and such. It would be really really nice if everyone just did that on their own, but I have been surprised by how many elders think the rules are optional. But everyone has been improving, and I think it will keep improving.

So apparently mom doesn't recognize me anymore, because that is definitely NOT the back of my head in that picture. (Editor's Note..he is referring to a picture in the Deseret News that I sent him)  And that is not Elder Liddle either. I have never seen any of those elders, I don't know what class room that is, so I am very sure that it’s not me. But if you pay careful attention you might see some pictures of me either in the New York Times or the MTC special thing during conference. We have had a lot of photographers come to the devotionals the past couple of weeks, and they took a lot of pictures. One was from the NYT and he said they were going to do a special on the MTC soon. I don't know if that has come out yet or not, but if it hasn't, keep your eyes open. My companion and I normally get pretty good seats, on like the 8 or 9 row on the floor, so look for me there. No one will probably recognize me though because I got a dreaded MTC haircut. Yeah, my hair hasn't been this short since.... probably the 4th or 5th grade. That’s okay though, I kinda like it. It’s growing on me. Literally :) hahaha sorry our teacher tried to institute a Kein Spass policy (No fun) because he thinks we have too much fun, so I have to get my jokes our somewhere. We don't follow his policy anyways so that doesn't even matter.

Well everything is going great, the language is... still not natural, but progressing. I'm excited to get to Germany soon and drown in it! Anyways I love you all and thanks for your prayers! Die Kirche Jesu Christi ist wahr. Ich weiss dass durch viele beten und fasten. Jesus Christus ist mein Erretter, und durch ihn kann ich alle machen.  Alles fur den Herrn!

Elder Terry

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