Thursday, March 31, 2011

week something, because my mom complains about my numbering

 Hello Outside world!!! How is going out there? Man the weather is beautiful today. It’s been pretty cloudish the last few days so I'm glad its sunny again! Okay so about the numbering of the weeks here at the MTC. I am deeply sorry if I confused anyone last week by saying that it was week 7. You see, we number weeks here at the MTC a little differently.... haha actually the short explanation is that you come into the MTC on a Wednesday, but they count that as your first week, so the second week starts on Monday. So this right now is week 8 for me, but I have really only been here for 7 weeks. I hope everyone understood, it’s a little weird I know, but the MTC is just that way.
            Well the past week has been amazing! By far the best week of my whole mission! We got 10 new missionaries, and they are a lot of fun, and we have enjoyed being the oldest German district of missionaries. We have been cracking down on the German language, trying to get in a lot of nur deutsch days in preparation for our nur deutsch week, which will begin next Monday and go until we leave. Its tough, but we learn a lot of cool words. Most of you probably think I haven't learned anything in German because I never talk about it, but you would be wrong. I've learned tons, I've just been saving it all for this week to share with you!  So first cool thing about German, as the prophet Joseph Smith once said, "the German bible is the most correct of any bible", so that makes German the best. Sorry just had to say that because everyone has this wrong idea that Spanish is the best. You know who you are. Anyways, something cool about German, when you invite people to be baptized, you don't just say "Will you be baptized?" you use the phrase "Werden Sie sich taufen lassen?" which most closely translates to "Will you allow yourself to be baptized?" It is neat to me that Germans phrase it that way, with the emphasize on allowing yourself to be baptized. Kinda neat. Another cool thing is the verb vorstellen. It means introduce. So if you say "Ich vorstelle mich" you say "I introduce myself" like to a group or something. But if you say "Ich vorstelle mir" It means "I introduce to myself" or "I imagine" see how cool that is? It’s imagine because you are introducing something to yourself. Preeeeettttyyy sweet eh?
            Well that’s all for German class today. The really cool stuff that has happened is how strongly we have felt the spirit these past few days. Sunday started us off great. It was Fast Sunday, and we had a great mission conference, where our mission president, President Brown gave an amazing talk about the last hours of Christ's life. It set our mood for the entire day. Then we had a really amazing district meeting where we were all just bearing testimony to each other, and the spirit was so strong. Then we had Fast and Testimony Meeting, and our whole district stood up together and went and bore our testimonies in German. It was sweet. Then we had a sweet Fireside and watched the Joseph smith movie, which concluded an awesome day. Since that day we have taken time each day to select one person from our district and try to help them come closer to Christ. Monday we did our teacher Sis. Christopher. It was an amazing experience.  We could all feel the spirit so strongly it was almost overpowering. And every day since then we have just had great spiritual experiences together that have strengthened our testimonies. I know that it is the Lord blessing us and helping prepare us for the work that He has for us in the Alpine Mission. We are all super excited to be going to Germany in 11 days.    
            Unfortunately our travel plans haven't come yet, but they should be here by dinner time, so I will tell you about it in my letters. I want everyone to know that I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, the Creator and Redeemer of all mankind and all creation, lives. He left His throne above to come to Earth, in a solo rescue mission for the souls of all men. He trod the winepress alone. He suffered for my sins, and in some incomprehensible way, atone for my mistakes, failures, weaknesses and sins. He died for my sins, but now He lives to bring me hope. He is my rock and my salvation, and I love Him with all of my heart. I say these things in his glorious name, the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love all of you and thank you so much for the prayers and letters and of the support. Truly this is the Lord's work, and we all are involved
Love Elder Andrew Terry

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