Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

            I am glad that you guys survived and enjoyed Snowbird. It hasn't stopped raining here and I don't think it will. It just rains every day, that’s how it is. I have no rain coat yet, we just wear suit coats and I bought an umbrella. The rain is normally pretty warm, but some days, like to day, it’s actually pretty cold. It’s pretty nice right now in summer, but we will see what it is like in winter. Who knows? Maybe I won't even be here. Transfers are in another 3 weeks, so maybe I will be transferred.
            Anyways, we had a sweet farewell to the Condies. It was in Stuttgart for the Stuttgart zone. It was way good, they gave us some great advice about teaching with the spirit and then helping investigators recognize that they are feeling the spirit, and it was just great. After the farewell I went to Heilbronn with Elder Sills on a comp. exchange. I have no real clue where Heilbronn is in relation to Stuttgart. I just know its North and slightly westish. About an hour train ride from Stuttgart. We had three appointments fall out, so it was an interesting experience. Then we switched back the next day. And guess what? While I was in Heilbronn Elder Patchett and Elder Neumayer (Elder Patchett's companion) committed Donna, one of our investigators, to baptism. She said yes! Her baptism is scheduled for July 9th, and we are excited. Donna is about 35, from the Philippines, married to a German and has 3 children. Her sister is actually a member in the Philippines and referred her. Donna is really religious, and she was attending church every week fairly regularly before I came, but she hasn't been to church since I've been here. We have also only met with her one other time since I've been here. She has a REALLY BIG problem with the plan of salvation. The fall is really difficult for her to understand. She was given 2 Nephi 2 to read, and she got to the part where it says that if Adam and Eve hadn't eaten of the fruit they couldn't have children, and she said that was totally wrong. God gave them the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth before they ate of the fruit, and that means that they could have children. She pretty much shut down right there, wouldn't read any more, and stopped coming to church. So a few weeks ago when we met with her we talked about it, and man, she was driving me crazy. I think that the problem was that the lesson was in English, and we thought we could logic our way and convince her. It totally didn't work, and both Elder Patchett and I had the feeling after that lesson that we needed to just drop that issue for now and give her something to do, a real commitment that would strengthen her faith in God. And then it all worked out perfectly. Elder Patchett and Neumayer met with her at the church, in front of the baptismal font, and had a 3rd lesson. Elder Patchett said it was super spiritual, and in the end they helped her recognize the spirit and then committed her to baptism. She seemed excited, apparently, but the problem is that she didn't come to church yesterday, even though we called Saturday to confirm she would come. We think there might be an issue with her husband because he is Atheist and might not like his wife converting. So we are praying a lot for them and hoping when we meet this week we can help her and hopefully talk to her husband.
  Besides that, this week has been a lot of falled out appointments, but we have met some pretty sweet people off the street, so that is just a testimony builder to me that there is no such thing as failing in this work. As long as we try our best and do what we can do, the Lord will use us exactly as we are supposed to be used. Sometimes our limited mortal view prevents us from understanding the purposes of the Lord, but as the Lord told Joseph Smith, the works of the Lord can not be frustrated, neither can the come to not. The Lord knows the end from the beginning, of that I can testify, and I know that the Lord has a plan for Donna, and as long as Elder Patchett and I continue following that plan then we will be able to help her. Thanks for all of the love and support.

Liebe gruße
Elder Terry

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