Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 27, 2011

            I'm glad you got the package at the right time. I was hoping it would get there before Sidney’s birthday. I sent it last Thursday I believe, so that is really quick, I'm surprised. It must of been because it was so small that I sent it as a letter not as a package, which was really nice because it ended up being 18 euro to ship it instead of 40. And I'm pretty sure the movie won't even work. They have a different dvd code here so American dvds don't work on European dvd players and vice versa. But if it works great. I hope the nimm 2 didn't melt. They were the random candies I threw in there. I gave you guys the leftovers from a bag of nimm 2 sours I bought, and the sours aren't as good as the originals, so I hope it pleased you. And hopefully the Ritter sport chocolate was okay, Ritter sport isn't the best German chocolate, but it is good, and it comes in square packages which was perfect for that box. Now to answer the questions from the letter you sent me.
            First of all, let Riker know that that isn't a Unicef shirt, it’s a Barcelona soccer jersey. Messi. Greatest player in the world. Ask brother Fogth about him. But he can wait until he comes to Germany to buy one. I bought mine for 10 euro at a market in Wien. That picture is in front of Stephans Dom. Ridiculously massive Catholic church in the middle of Wien. The arch way is from a few weeks ago when Elder Patchett and I went to Welzheim. It used to be part of the wall built by the Romans to mark the edge of their kingdom, so it’s significant because it is like 2000 years old. The picture of Elder Pieper and I is from the back yard of Schloss Schönbrunn. It’s pretty much up this giant hill, and there is a big pool and a monument and statues at the top, which we are facing, but the picture shows the rest of the city of Wien. It’s an amazing view. And Riker should enjoy the picture from this week. He is probably the only one capable of understanding how awesome it was that I found a HUGE Zelda ad, and of course I had to get a picture right next to it!
            This week has been interesting. Thursday was some catholic holiday, which pretty much meant that everyone got drunk on Wednesday night, and then drank and partied and slept the whole weekend, so from Wednesday on missionary work was a little hard. But we have TONS planned for this next week, we already have like 9 appointments and 3 service projects planned, plus an ausstellung in Forzheim, so we have a busy week ahead of us. Oh last week I went to Heilbronn again on exchanges. I got to see a bunch of old castles because we had to take a train ride farther north. And I rode a ferry! It was awesome! Pretty much we needed to go to this city but it is on the other side of the Neckar river, and the only way across was a ferry. It was an interesting town. First guy I talked freaked out because we were from "Jesus Christ" and then he started telling us, in English with a heavy German accent, about how everything found in the Christian religions originated in the Egyptian Death Book. He was totally crazy, but super funny. He was mad because I wouldn't argue, I just told him that it’s the same gospel that has always been revealed, so yes, the Egyptians had it too.  Anyways that was my fun German adventure for the week. Oh and some old grandma at this train stop in the little town like an hour away from everything was super funny. She came up to us and asked if we were going to a wedding because we were dressed in suits. We said no, but that we were missionaries for our church. She asked what church, and we said " die kirche Jesu Christ der Heiligen der letzten tage." and like most people, she said "Catholic?" we said no, and asked if she had heard of the mormons. Then she got a really scared look on her face and was like, "You are mormons? And you think that is good?" and we said, yep! and she said "well I don't." but we continued to talk to her and she was really surprised that we believed in Christ, that we didn't have multiple wives, etc. She wouldn't meet more with us, but at least we straightened out one person's misconceptions.
            Mom, you wanted to know what food I was eating here, so here it goes. First is maultaschen. It is the BEST! It is the meat stuff covered in dough. Like a giant ravioli. But it tastes soooo good, and has like 8 billion calories, and is super cheap. Supposedly tons of missionaries get super fat here in schwäb land. Oh that is what this area of Germany is called. No clue why, but that’s just how it goes. They have schwäbisch food, they speak schwäbisch, which is some crazy dialect, and it is just awesome. Another great food is spitzle. It like these noodles made from eggs. Really tasty. Well that is enough food talk for this week, what is important is that the Church is true! Don't worry mom, I am doing better with talking to people. It’s still super weird, but hey, these people don't even know me! They think I am just some crazy Jehovah’s Witness most of the time, so it’s all good. Anyways, if you won't speculate about bishop, then I will. My guess is Bro. Porter or Bro. Zirker. So keep me posted. Anyways, I love you!
Viele Leibe,
Elder Terry

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