Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

            So here is the status update. I am not being transferred, but Elder Bagley is. He is going to München area. I'm going to be working with Elder Talbot, who has been on his mission about 1 year I believe, so he has been out 6 months longer than me. So we should have a lot of success. Also I am going to be district leader this transfer, so that will definitely make things interesting. We will see what happens. I will miss working with Elder Bagley, especially since I only got to work with him for a few weeks. Oh and quick money issue, I have no clue what Experian is, I haven't used my personal card for a while, so if you could look into that, I would appreciate it. Oh and while we are on the topic of money, don't have a panic attack, but there will probably be a really big charge to my account today or tomorrow. I have to go to München to pick up my new companion, and something got messed up and we only have tickets for getting there. So I am going to have to pay a like 150 euro to get us home, but I'll get reimbursed. I know you don't like it, and neither do I, but it will all work out, I just wanted to let you know so that you don't have a panic attack.
            This week has been pretty awesome. We were able to meet with Herr Schafer again, and we tried to give him a baptismal date, but he felt that he wants to wait until Christmas time. Which is totally fine with me, because that gives us time to work with his family as well. We are still having a difficult time finding out how to get his family more involved. We invited them to a member’s house after church, but his wife couldn't make it and none of the children wanted to come. So it was just us and him with the member family. But the family invited him and his family over for a meal on another day, so hopefully that will work out.
            We brought Christinne to a baptism in Wien, and it was great. She really felt the spirit, and it was a great experience. They had totally forgotten to ask for witnesses for the baptism, so I ended up being one of them. That was pretty cool. We are still working with Christinne, but she is really having a hard time. And not just with smoking. The more we teach the more we find out, and she just has a really hard time with almost everything we teach. She has felt the spirit a lot, and she knows the church is good, and she has felt the power of the Book of Mormon, but she doesn`t fully understand what that means for her. Elder Bagley and I realized that that is most definitely something that is more our fault, and we are really praying for help to know exactly how we can help her the best.
            Andreas is doing great. He got out of drug rehab early, so we met with him on Sunday. Apparently drug rehab in Austria is a little different then in America. They just keep them until there are no drugs in there system and then they let them go. Doesn't sound too effective to me, but I guess that is why we have missionaries! We met with him again yesterday, and he is totally excited about everything we taught him. He wants to be baptized as soon as possible, and we chose the date of Sept. 4! We are going to start the stop smoking program really soon with him, and then he will be all ready. Man I am so excited for him.
            No I’m not in contact with Eric at all, but maybe if I ever get a p day I will write him. And you are reading the wheel of time? have fun! I didn't even like the prequel, so if you liked it, that is cool. There are some weird scenes in the wheel of time, so if you come to anything that you don't really like please take a permanent marker and strike it out. I was going to do that but I never got around to it.
            Anyways, this week has been great, I'm looking forward to another long day of train rides to and back from München, but the Church is true, and I am so grateful to serve as a missionary! Oh side note, some satanic dog bit me and ripped my pants so I got to practice my sewing skills. And Elder Bagley crashed 2 times this week and wrecked his bike. Don't worry we are both fine, and I must admit, if two 19 year old boys can't ruin this work by their total lack of competence then the church must be true! But don't take my word for it, read the Book of Mormon and find out! I love you mom!
Elder Terry

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