Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Elder Terry on TV antenna in Stuttgart

view of McDonalds from apartment in Wiener Neustadt

View from apartment in Wiener Neustadt
          Alright, first to answer all of your questions..... well first, its a super long story but pretty much our districts will be changing, but not until next week. But for this week our district is us in Wiener Neustadt, the elders in Wien 5 (where I was trained), the sisters in Wien 4, and the elders in Wien 3. It’s a great district because elder Sanderson, my MTC companion is in Wien 5, and elder Sullivan, who was in my MTC district, is in Wien 3, so it’s pretty fun. Tonight I should find out who will be in my district for reals. And yes I have gotten grandma Terry´s letters, I just haven`t had any time to write like any letters, so I haven`t be able to write anything back. But let her know that I really appreciate it. And no package yet, but there is no post in Austria on Saturdays, so who knows? it could take a really long time.
            It sounds like you have been pretty busy with cross country and with PTA, and that is always good. But like Elder Uchtdorf said, there is more to life then the length of your to do list ;) so don`t forget that even super moms need a little R&R sometimes, so go to the temple sometime for me, since I am currently unable to.
            Anyways, this past week has been an adventure. Wednesday we had to wake up at 5:30 so that we could make our train to München. And then I got on a train with Elder Talbot coming back to Wien. Elder Talbot is cool. He is from California, San Diego area, and is the youngest of 5 children. He has been on his mission for one year, and he has been in Bayern his entire mission until now. This is his third area. Anyways we got back from München but we didn’t have enough time to go home because we had an appointment with Christinne. She is doing well, but is still having a really hard time quitting smoking, and I honestly have no clue what to do to help her. Nothing we do seems to really help. But anyways, Thursday did service for the Enenkels, which is good because sis. Enenkel does a lot for us, and Bro enenkel is inactive because someone like 12 years ago offended him. But we have a really good relationship with him now. Sadly good relationships don`t reactivate people, only the spirit does that, but we are working on that as well. Friday we took elder Talbot´s bike to the shop to get it fixed, which is not fun, because we really need bikes. And we met at the Enenkels Friday night for an appointment with Christinne. Yeah, still didn`t make a lot of progress with her. She knows everything, she just doesn`t believe and act on what she knows. So we will be doing a lot of praying this week for her, and if you could also pray for her, that would be great. Oh and Andreas got a job, but it was in the steiermarkt, which is like 100 kilometers or so away, so we were unable to meet with him this week, but he came to church yesterday, and we have an appointment on Thursday, and hopefully we will be able to help him quit smoking and we can cover all of the lessons, because he is totally ready to be baptized, and if all goes well and smoothly he will be baptized on the 4 of September. So 2 weeks.
The past few days have been tiring, just because it suddenly got hot again, and after we got elder Talbot’s bike fixed my bike broke, so we have been without bikes for the last 3 days. but no worries, everything is good now, and no way a little thing like broken bikes is going to stop the work here in Wiener Neustadt.
            It has been an interesting experience to actually not be the one transferred, its really nice, I like it. And it has been really good working with Elder Talbot. He is a good elder, and I have already learned tons from him. Hahaha don`t worry mom, I`m not stressing out yet, and hopefully I won`t be stressing out anytime soon. We will see :) anyways have a great week, I love you!
Elder Terry
PS, I realized I didn`t take any pictures from last transfer, so I took these two pictures from our apartment to show you what Wiener Neustadt looks like. The McDonalds is right across the street from us, but McDonalds in Austria is ridiculously expensive, so we never go there. But between the mountains and McDonalds I feel right at home!
PPS and the other picture is from on top of the TV tower in Stuttgart

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