Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011
 (there are pictures at the end of this letter...check out my boy with really short hair!!)
            Wow it is weird to think that Jason Hodson is home. Crazy. that is cool though. and hopefully Colten gets his mission call soon. That would be pretty rough to be the last one left. I am glad that Caleb and I left at practically the same time.
            Okay about German....(I asked him if he was able to communicate ok with his companion, who is native German, and if Elder Jacob corrects him when he talks) Elder Jacob and I can communicate perfectly in German, because he speaks High German, unfortunately the people of Switzerland don`t. They speak Swiss German. And about 2 or 3 times a day I try to talk to someone and they don`t understand what I am saying because I speak High German with an American accent. But they can understand Elder Jacob just fine. Silly American accent. I am trying to have Elder Jacob help correct me, but so far it is not really helping. Sometimes when I am super frustrated I tell people that I come from Wien and that I am speaking High German. (the way I phrase it in German makes it so that I am not actually lying). hahaha it really isn`t that bad, but it is pretty funny, and I am trying my best to learn Swiss German, but it isn`t all that easy.
            As for how the people are different... that is a good question. I find the people to be much nicer and more open then in Austria, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same. Everyone has pride in their own country. Wetzikon is a lot smaller geographically then Wiener Neustadt, and their but we go to different cities more often then in Wiener Neustadt.(Can I tell you that it is killing me not to correct his spelling?  I’m not sure what he is saying with “their” so enjoy!) The biggest difference is just the economical differences. Austria is obviously a very rich, 1st world country, but Switzerland is loaded. Money coming out of their ears. But that is about all.
            Oh and before I forget, I got your letter today. So it took a week if you sent it last Monday(I sent it Tuesday so that’s good.  So keep sending letters)
            Our week was pretty good. First of all one, A_____ G_____ got baptized. He is 8 years old, and his mom is a member but his dad isn`t, and his dad didn`t want him to get baptized unless that is what he wanted, so we got to teach him the lessons. That was pretty cool. Then we are also working with M______ M_______. He is this sweet guy from Switzerland. He had a baptismal date for next Sunday, but we changed it to the 20th of November because he isn`t ready yet. Then we also have been going through the area book looking for new investigators, and we found a former investigator who we called and set up an appointment with. She is from Haiti, and she is awesome. Her name is H______, and pretty much we walked into her house and sat down and she told us about how much she loves the Book of Mormon, and how she tells everyone that she belongs to the "mormon church". We were super suprised, and I asked her if she knew all of this stuff already why she isn`t baptized, and apparently her dad is a seventh day adventist preacher, and in their church you have to investigate the church for 3 or 4 years before you can be baptized. so she didn`t feel she was ready for baptism, and she also works night shifts in her job so she can`t come to church because she is too tired to come right after work. Those are definitely small problems, and we are excited to help her overcome these small problems and get baptised.
            We also found this sweet investigator this week. His name is A______ M______ and he is from Ivory Coast. We found him as we were walking on the street Friday and we made out an appointment for Saturday, and then we invited him to church and the baptism on Sunday and he came to both. During Sunday school one of the members and I taught him the first lesson and gave him the baptismal commitment and he accepted. So his baptism is also planned for the 20 of November. So if I actually get to stay in an area for longer then 1 transfer then I will probably get to see a lot of baptisms soon. We are super excited. Other then that our week was awesome, and we are super excited for another super awesome week.
            Yes Bern temple is in our mission, it is about 2 hours away, but we are only allowed to go if we have a new member who invites us to come with him/her.

Elder Terry

            Well somehow I have a few extra minutes, so I decided to right (spelling again!) some more. So first, a few things I would love to have. First, when you send a package again, I need more deodorant. Another stick of stain cleaner wouldn`t be bad either. And I would love it if you could send me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Other then that, life in Switzerland is pretty good. Sometimes I can see the Alps from our home, and it is really beautiful. It snowed on Wednesday, but it all melted and is actually pretty warm today, but I am sure that it will get cold again. I bought a hat today, because without hair my head gets cold and I get a headache. Man I really have forgotten what it is like to have such short hair. Anyways, the work is definitely moving forward here in Wetzikon, not as fast as I want, but luckily God is the one in control and not me. Other cool things.... I can`t really remember... oh we bake banana bread like once a week, you would probably be proud of me, I am pretty good at cooking and baking now, but we don`t eat very often... most the time a döner for lunch and a sandwich for dinner. There is just too much to do, and who has time to eat when peoples` souls are dwindling in unbelief? besides, Jesus said that we shouldn`t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. And so far so good. hahaha just kidding mom, don`t worry, I am fairly healthy, as healthy as I can be without running every day. okay bye now
Elder Terry

Apartment in Wetzikon

Elder Terry and Elder Jacob

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