Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20. 2012

Elder Terry's one year mark

Elder Terry with Elders Sullivan and Bauerfeind

Wetzikon District

Lake Constance

Grützi mit anon!
               Anyways the past week has been an adventure. On Monday we met with G………. He is a less active member from Mongolia. He is super funny, and we had family home evening with him and his family again. That was cool.  Tuesday we had an interesting lesson with P……., our Jehovah’s Witness investigator. We talked about the plan of salvation for like the 100 millionth time, and she can`t deny that it all makes sense, she just can`t understand the "why?" part of the plan. Both Elder Williams and I had the feeling that it was time to tell her about exaltation and eternal progression. Unfortunately we didn`t really have time last time, so now we know our theme for our next lesson. It will definitely be interesting. 
                Anyways, the situation with the C……. has pretty much stalled. We couldn`t meet this week because they had visitors over, and they weren`t able to come to church. We talked with Pres. Miles about it and Bishop Uchtdorf, and we are going to most likely wait and see if we can`t baptize them all together as a family. We have a family home evening with them tonight, so hopefully we can help them out tonight. R……, our investigator who stubbornly refuses to make progress, came to church again yesterday! YES! The fourth time in like 6 years! That was way cool. Our other fun experiences of the week are that P……, an investigator from
Portugal, came to church as well. We have been able to meet a couple of times with him last week, and he is understanding things really well. I am excited for him!
                We also finally met with P…….. again, our Jewish investigator. We talked with him about why he became a Jew, because before he was Christian, and he told us that it was because he couldn`t understand the trinity. We explained a little bit about that and what we believe, but it was more of a "us listening to him" appointment and we didn`t have the chance to explain too much. But he is coming to our English class on Wednesday, so we will talk to him about that then. 
                Well..... I hope that you have a great week! We most definitely will have one here! I love you!

Elder Terry

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