Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

            Well this week has been busy. I got your one year mark package, thanks so much, it was awesome. And my first year out has been good. But it could have been better. But that is what the future is for. My favorite memory.... too hard to say, but my goals for the next year... well my major goal is to baptize 5 people. I had no baptisms in the first year of my mission, and it is time for me to trust a little bit more in the Lord, and to expect miracles. Anyways, about our week this week...
            First of all we had transfer calls, neither Elder Williams or I will be transferred. We will get to stay in Wetzikon for another transfer together!!!! So that is way cool. I won`t be district leader anymore, which means I will finally have time to write in my journal, and to focus more on our area. I am looking forward to this coming transfer.
            On Wednesday we had a mission tour with Pres. Kopischke. Holy cow that guy is inspired. He is so cool. He started the meeting by saying that the entire restoration started with Joseph Smith’s questions, and that questions invite revelation. He had us write down questions, and promised us that the answers would come during the meeting, and that if that worked we would use that to invite investigators to church. That we should have investigators come to church with questions so that they can receive revelation. The meeting was super cool. It got me super pumped up to do missionary work.
            This week the Wetzkion ward grew a lot. We found 2 members that weren`t on the ward list. The first is a super active guy from Portugal who just moved here and was looking for the church. The second was a way less active guy that I talked to on the train. He is from Brazil and has been living here for 4 years, but hasn`t gone to church in a long time. So that was cool to find them. Also this week we met with the C…… family again. The kids are doing great, and they want to be baptized, but the mom doesn`t really understand that our church is different. But we will most likely be setting a date for baptism for the children this week. R…. hasn`t made much progress. He told us that he couldn`t come to church this week because he wanted to go to the reformed church again. And he is not really reading, so we aren`t sure what more we can do for him. Most likely we will have to set him to the side for a while. Anyways, also this week has been pretty cold. Like it hasn`t been above -7 C, pretty much all of last week, which is super exciting :) we survived the cold though, no problem.
            Well that is all for new stuff this week, this next week is going to be awesome, and I hope it is awesome for you as well. Take Elder Kopishke`s challenge, and attend church this week with a question in mind, I know you will get answers because, as Elder Kopishke said, it works for me every time. Questions are the best. I love all of you, and have a super awesome week!
Elder Terry

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