Monday, November 19, 2012

November 18, 2012

Dear Mom, 
             Well first of all I didn`t get transferred, and neither did Elder Nielsen. We get to stay together for another transfer. Isn`t that awesome? and thanks for the stuff for Yuri! And yes, I will be in Chur for Christmas! We are excited. anyways, I suggest you go to the German Christmas thing because we are going to Germany in the summer so you won`t really experience a German Christmas. Sorry
             Well this week has been a busy and exciting one. First off, I bought a new camera,  so you will see that on my bank account. But it was totally worth it because I take like a video clip a day. It is sweet. Anyways, this email will be a little bit shorter than normal because we are going to St Moritz for p day.
            Anyways, here is the news from Chur. We have discovered a new religion. It is called Bahai? (Actually it is Baha'i) At least I think that is how they spell it. I don`t have enough time to explain everything that they believe, nor do I know that much about it, but it sounds pretty interesting. Anyways, we met 2 people that are this religion this week. One was a bit nicer then the other. The nice one is named Herr Broder, and we were able to meet with him this week. Unfortunately he didn`t want to make out an appointment with us, but he felt the spirit, and pretty much couldn`t deny that we are the true church of Jesus Christ. He was previously Catholic, and at all of the points that caused him to convert to Baha'i we either had similar beliefs or better beliefs. I think it made him a little scared. Hopefully he will contact us this week. that would be awesome. Anyways, we are busy looking for the elect. This is the work of God, and I absolutely love it. There is nothing better in the ENTIRE world. Sorry this letter is so short, but I still LOVE YOU LOTS and LOTS!

Elder Terry

Goldens and Trainers
August 2012

Elders Terry and Nielsen
August 2012

Terry, Schmidt, Carter
August 2012

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