Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

            So the work is going great here. This past week has been crazy busy. We hadn't been having tons of success getting appointments with people before this week, we were only teaching about 5 lessons a week, and 2 or 3 of those were to newly baptized or less actives. So we made a goal to make out 7 appointments on the street this week. It worked great! We got 8 appointments made out on the street, taught a total of 16 appointments for the week, and found 11 new investigators. We were definitely blessed from the Lord A LOT. It was so cool. We would just talk to people and they would be interested. Totally the Lord leading us together.
            We found this really cool family on the street on Wednesday. We were just walking, contacting people on our way to another appointment, and we saw this about 21 year old mom pushing her baby in a stroller, and with her was her mom. We asked them what family means to them, and they stopped and we started talking. We asked if they believed in God, and they told us that if we had asked that last week they would have laughed and walked away, but now they aren't so sure. They told us the craziest story. They were in a car crash a couple of days earlier, in which the 2 year old baby, Sonja, went through the car and flew about 20 or 30 feet. Amazingly she was completely fine except for a little scrape on her knee. Both Kerstin (Sonja's mom) and Gabrielle (Kerstin's mom) felt that Sonja had been protected by an angel. This family had obviously been placed in our path by a loving Heavenly Father, and he had prepared them to be receptive to our message. We set up an appointment for the next day, and we went to visit them. We taught Kerstin, her brother Roman, and Gabrielle the 0 lesson, (which is a magical lesson a general authority gave to the European missions to use) and we brought Sam Jankowsky, the bishop of our ward's son (I’m thinking he meant the son of our Bishop). The lesson went great. Roman wasn't really interested at all, and Gabrielle wasn't either, and they both kept standing up and getting coffee or another cigarette or something, but Kerstin definitely felt the spirit, because she was completely into our lesson. She even texted us later that day saying thanks for coming and that she would be coming to church on Sunday! We were so excited! We actually were hoping that 5 investigators would come to church yesterday, but only one showed up. It wasn't Kerstin unfortunately, but we are pretty sure she just chickened out and we have some good plans to have members pick people up.
            Oh and we met 2 completely crazy people. One is named Walter. He was a HUGE druggie but now he only does ganja, which he says isn't even a drug, but he loves Jesus, and he loved us. He asked us if he could come do missionary work with us, and he promised us "that if we wanted he would fly to America with us tomorrow so that we could get out of this faithless land." yeah he was crazy but he was also funny.
            We also met a guy named Nikolai from Bulgaria. We actually met him 2 weeks ago. He was standing outside of our apartment one morning and asked us of we had "that book" that we could give him. OF course we said yes, so we got his address and set an appointment for later that day. We went by and he wasn't home and we checked 2 more times and he was never home. So we had forgot about him until Saturday, until we ran into him again, and he was like "Mormons!!! Why didn't you bring me that book?" We told him what happened, and we set up another appointment and got his phone number this time. We went by again and he wasn't home, so we called him and he said he was on the bus and almost home. We waited for a long time, then called him and asked him where he was. He said he was at home, and we informed him that we were right outside, but he said we weren't. He ended up getting really mad and hanging up. We figured we must be at the wrong address, and we started running around until we finally found the right one. (side note- addresses here are hard. really hard, so it wasn't really our fault. and when you ask for directions people don't even say I don’t know, they always try to guess where it is, even though they are normally wrong.) Anyways, turns out he is definitely a little crazy, but he needs the gospel, and the Lord made sure that we ran into each other not just once but twice, which practically never happens in a city of 8 million. Anyways the work is moving forward, keep the city of Vienna in your prayers, and also our investigators, and everything will work according to the will of him who is Father of us all!
Elder Terry 

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