Monday, May 30, 2011

May 23, 2011

AHH!!!!! Don't send any package!!! I'm being transferred to..................... WAIBLINGEN GERMANY. hahaha aren't transfers great? I totally wasn't expecting it at all, but it is where the Lord wants me to be. Oh and Waiblingen is the ward that is directly north and east of Stuttgart. It is a pretty small area size wise, so I'm excited to see what that means. Unfortunately that is on the other side of the mission, which means Wednesday I will be traveling by train all day. About 8 hours train ride, with a one hour umsteig wait in Munich. So before I forget to say this, I got your letter with the apostile, so it’s all good, we are going to take care of that tomorrow morning. I also got Abbie’s letter, and I know she was worried, so it would be nice if you let her know. I also got the dear elder from Jake and the Burdetts, and Bro Burdetts dear elder about Wien. And Tresslers letter, other than that anything that is in the mail won't get to me for a LONG TIME; so if I don't write back it’s not my fault, I'm just in a different country.
            That is good advice about Patriarchal blessings. I had my shrunk and laminated at the MTC and I stuck it in the back of my scriptures, and I normally read it about once a week, but yeah that is really good advice. I would LOVE the May Ensign in English. I don't know when we get them in German, and I don't know how much I can understand so I would love them in English.
Unfortunately I won't be in Austria when Liddles come, so I guess that wasn't meant to be.
            Okay now about this week, It has been crazy. Last Monday we had a lesson with Nickolai, and he was crazy as ever, but after the lesson he walked with us to the bus stop, and on the way he told us he has cut down to only one pack of cigarettes a day and he will keep cutting down because he wants to be baptized. I was shocked because I thought he wasn't making any progress. We also did an ausstellung on Wednesday, which is like a street display, and we got tons of numbers. Most of them were for the wards in Wien, but it was so much fun to be there with like 10 elders and just talk to everyone. We literally talked to everyone, which is way cool, because that is like thousands of people. We also had a cool experience on Wednesday. We were in Deutsch Wagram for lunch with Pres Husz, but we went early because we wanted to go by on someone we had met on the street 2 weeks earlier. He was in a rush trying to "get to school" so he gave us his address and told us to come by. So we went to the address and it was fake. Well the street and the house number were real, but he gave us a fake steige number and a fake door number. But we were there, and the Lord doesn't lead his missionaries somewhere for no reason, so we doored out that stiege, but no one was home. So we doored out the next stiege, and still no one was home. So we sent to a house right next to it and rang their door bell, and there was the guy that we had met of the street 2 weeks earlier. He let us in and we started talking to him. Turns out he wasn't going to school, but was going to clean his mom's house, who had died just a few weeks earlier. He also told us that he was way strong Catholic, but his baby died when it was 12 days old and it wasn't baptized and the catholic church pretty much told him, well that’s to bad, so he was ausgetretet (I can't even remember this word in English. It means pretty much "self ex-communication" or more literally "he stepped out")  from the catholic church. He wanted to know why his child died, and we told him that we could help him find the answer. It was so cool because we knew that the Lord had brought us to one of his children to let them know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them. So cool. We also had zone conference on Friday. It was so good! We learned so much from President and Sister Condie, and also the Assistants. That was when I found out I was being transferred too. I'm really sad to leave Vienna, it’s an amazing city, and the members are awesome, and there are so many people ready for the gospel. It was so cool because on the way back from zone conference we got on the Schnell bahn and I talked to this old man named Peter. And my train contacting skills are super sub par. I pretty much just asked where the train was going, said I was not from here, and then he just starting talking to me. And in Austria that doesn't happen. People don't talk to someone unless they know them. Anyways I ended up getting his number and setting up an appointment for the next day, and we visited him and he is really interested and wants to know if there was a God. We promised him that he could find out if there was a God by reading in the Book of Mormon, and then we committed him that once he found out if he would be baptized. He was hesitant at first because he had heard that Mormons circumcise people at baptism (I have no idea where these crazy ideas come from) but once we explained that that wasn't true he said that he would. It was so cool! Anyways that work is going great, and I am excited to work in Waiblingen! The church is true!
Elder Terry

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