Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

          Well first thing first.... I'M GOING BACK TO AUSTRIA!!!! hahaha on Friday we had transfer calls, and I got transferred to Wiener Neustadt!!! I was there on austausch when I was in Wien. It is about an hour south of Wien, so I'm in for a super long train ride on Wednesday. yay. hahaha but that's not the scariest part. Pres. Miles asked me to be a senior companion! My new companion is Elder Bayles or something like that. He has been on his mission for one transfer, and apparently he has good German because he was fast tracked through the MTC. So this next transfer is going to be really really exciting. It is very possible that we will be the most confused and lost little missionaries ever. Good thing we have the most super experienced third companion, the Holy Ghost! Anyways I'm sure things will all work out, they always do, and I'm excited for this chance to serve the Lord!
        Also we met our new mission president, President and Sister Miles, and they are way cool. Different from Pres. Condie, but I know that the Lord has called them to be mission president and wife, and I know that they will be a great blessing to me. Oh and I got a letter from Brooke, I guess that it came to Wien after I left, so I got it when we met Pres. and Sis. Miles, so tell her not to worry, she should be getting a letter soon.
        It sounds like things are going well at home, that is always good. Good luck with the recorder and the program and all, sounds complicated.
            Well this week has been pretty interesting. We were supposed to have a couple of appointments with less active members, but they fell out. We did have finally have an appointment with Manfred Quandt, he got baptized the transfer before I got here. He came to church my first week but hasn't been to church since. He was in the process of getting a new job so he never had time to meet with him. We finally did manage to meet with him and it went well. He came to church yesterday so hopefully we can help him stay active. Also we had a really cool experience. We made out an appointment with a member who lives with his mom and sister, but his mom and sister aren't members. We both had the feeling that we should teach the Plan of Salvation and commit him to read 2 Nephi 2. His mom made us salzkuchen, (salt cake. don't ask me what it is, but it tasted good) and she stayed for our lesson. It was really great because we were able to talk about eternal families, and we committed them to read 2 Ne. 2 together. Bro Braun, the member, was really surprised because he had just barely started reading the Book of Mormon over, and he was exactly on 2 Ne 2. He also told us at church yesterday that he has tried to talk to his mom and get her to investigate and the missionaries have come over before, but this is the first time that she has committed to doing something, and he was really happy and very hopeful. It is truly amazing how well the Lord can guide us to teach EXACTLY what people need. It truly was a miracle.
         We also had another service project on Saturday, laying down brick for a pathway, and it was pretty fun. Also on Saturday the bishop called becuase one of his speakers had cancelled, so he wanted me to give a talk on Sunday. Also our ward mission leader called us to tell us we have a presentation for the young men, and that we needed to teach the investigator class on sunday because he couldn't. Needless to say it was a busy Sunday. But everything went really well, and the members were all super nice and sad that I was leaving. We actually got two more meal appointments because of it. hahaha this ward is just great. Anyways I'll send some pictures from the Mercedes-Benz museum, and have a great week. I love you!

Elder Terry

Elder Patchett

Elder Andrew Terry

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