Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Okay my new address is

Elder Andrew Terry
Kirche Jesu Christ HLT
Zehnergürtel 7/3/33
2700 Wiener Neustadt

            And yes, I am pretty much going from one side of the mission to the other, which is lovely long train rides. Luckily I don't have to pay for transfers, because the last ticket was 115 euro. Yeah ridiculous. I don't even want to think about how much the church has already paid to send me to Vienna, then to Stuttgart, and then back to Vienna. Way too much. But I am going to need some more money in my debit account, because we have to buy our tickets to Vienna for district meeting, and that is about 20 euro a week. I will get reimbursed, don't worry, but money is going to be tight until I can send in my reimbursements.
            Oh and to answer why I am emailing on Tuesday, the only good internet shop in our area is closed until August sometime, so we will be emailing on Tuesdays after district meeting for a while.
            And there is always a reason why missionaries get transferred, and I didn't have any visa issues really, we still had plenty of time, and there was a lot better reason why I was transferred to Waiblingen, but anyways I am really happy to be back in Austria, and to be serving in Wiener Neustadt. It really is a beautiful city, and like you found out it is only about an hour south of Wien.
            Now some stuff about the area. The area in Wiener Neustadt is pretty rough. The branch here has been through a lot, including having a lot of disobedient missionaries, and some very promising investigators who suddenly didn't want to be baptized the day before their baptism, and the branch is just lethargic about missionary work, which is very understandable. They haven't had any baptisms in 4 or 5 years, and they have had tons of members go inactive. So let’s just say that the branch, and us, really needs a lot of prayers right now.
            That being said, the work is going super awesome right now. Elder Bagley is a great elder. He is from North Carolina, he went to BYU for a year and lived in heritage halls, so we were actually living very close to each other, and he already has lived in Germany for 5 months, and speaks really, really good German. We have already seen tons of success in just the last few days, and the Lord is truly blessing us and directing this great work. We have a great investigator, Christinne Fuchs, who actually had a baptismal date for this weekend, but she still has some smoking problems, so if everyone could pray for her, that would be great. I have been pretty worried that I would totally butcher this transfer, especially with her, since I have never even taught the wow yet, but I know that the Lord put Elder Bagley and I in Wiener Neustadt for a reason, and that we are the best elders for this area at this time. We have both been humbled by the many blessings we have seen in the work already. It is just so great.
Yes, I will register with the police in Wiener Neustadt, it is required by Austrian law to do so, but we haven't done it yet because we have been waiting on a few papers, but probably do that tomorrow. Our apartment is by Fischaurpark, which is a mall, which is really convenient for shopping. Yes the church is across street from Maxmillian Kaserne, but there are two kasernes, or military academies, in Wiener Neustadt, and Maximillian Kaserne isn't really used to much. Wiener Neustadt is super windy, my companion calls it the Chicago of Austria. Oh and we have bikes in this area. It has been tons of fun to ride bikes everywhere. Totally awesome. Our area is pretty big. We cover from Baden to pretty far south, and from the eastern border to somewhere, I'm not quite sure. It is pretty massive, and impossible to cover without a car. But we do our best. Anyways I love you all, thanks so much for the support, mom you are the best, and bis nachste woche (until next week)!

Elder Terry

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