Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov. 21, 2011

            That is super cool that Brittney got her call. Argentina. That is awesome. I got Sis. Porter`s card, as well as one from Sis. Porter and one from Sis. Rich and the Larsons. So tell them all thank you from me.
            Anyways, this week has gone well. Wednesday was transfers, so I went to Zurich and picked up my new companion and also said a sad goodbye to elder Jacob. Anyways here is the lowdown on Elder Williams. He was born in Colorado, but his family has lived in Utah the past few years, he has 11 brothers and sisters, well actually 4 brothers and sisters, and then 2 half brothers and sisters, and 5 step siblings. So a big family. He is super awesome, and we have had  a lot of fun.
            So on Wednesday our first day together Elder Williams invited this guy on the street to come to church, and we talked to him for a bit, and then he just said "bye" and walked away before we could get any information from him. But then 20 minutes later some members at the church called us and said that someone was there. So we ran to the church and there he was. His name is Max, and he is pretty cool. He is a super hardcore bible fan, and pretty much we spent the whole time talking about how we are all children of God. (well and a few other things, like prayer, healings, faith, etc) He was pretty awesome. But wouldn`t give us a number or a address, but said he would come to church (but he didn`t :(…) but he knows where to find the truth now, so we are hoping that he will return soon. Pretty much that was the story of this week. We had 10 investigators tell us that they would come to church, and none of them came. Man, I was super pumped. Bishop Uchtdorf would have gone crazy with 10 investigators at church. But for some reason none of them came. This Sunday though... they are all coming! (free agency not included) no but we did have a great Sunday because C........, who is less active and from Peru, came to church with her 7 year old daughter and sister who isn`t a member. AWESOMENESS!!!! I love less active members, because as they start to remember the blessings of the church they start bringing other people with them back to church. And apparently that is how the Lord wants the work done here in Wetzikon, (it’s actually the best way to do missionary work, I`m not going to lie) because we have 4 definite appointments with less active and part member families, and 2 possibles. So go members! 
            What else exciting happened this week.... oh I found a sweet new question to ask people on the street. "How many of the 10 commandments do you know?" so far in the past couple of days, no one knows all of the 10 commandments. It is astonishing. Oh and it turns out that Elder Bednar really is an apostle! I was listening to his talk this conference about the spirit of Elijah, and it reminded me of Preach My Gospel, and under the finding people chapter it has a whole section about the spirit of Elijah. Now as all missionaries know, we have this pass along card for genealogy, but pretty much all of the missionaries don`t like it. We only use it on old people. But I decided to start using it on everyone. And it is surprising how interested people really are in their forefathers, just like Elder Bednar promised. Even young people. It is totally awesome. It is like the church is true or something. OF COURSE it is true, and luckily we are led by living prophets, like Elder Bednar, and I am 110% confident that if we follow what the prophets say we will see success, happiness and feel the peace of knowing that we are doing that which the Lord expects of us. I know that this is the only true and LIVING church, and that the LIVING Christ stands at its head. And because that is so, this work ROCKS!
Elder Terry

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