Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov. 28, 2011

           Anyways our week was pretty good. Tuesday we had an austausch with the zone leaders. I got to work with Elder Sullivan, and it was great. We had an appointment with C……. and her sister, but our joint teach fell out. So we couldn`t meet, but we gave them the restoration movie and they watched it while we asked people outside if they could come with us to meet with her. We didn`t find anyone unfortunately, but we did find a drunk, cross dressing gay guy who couldn`t speak High German, only Swiss German and English. But he gave us his number, and we will see if we can meet with him soon. That would be funny. We did have a great appointment with a less active sister that evening though. She really wants to come back to church, and has started reading in the Book of Mormon again. She can`t come back to church until March because of work, but she is planning on coming back then, and that gives us time to work with her husband, who isn`t a member yet.
            We also had an interesting Thanksgiving. We were invited to an older couple’s house for lunch, and when we got there the man was semi choking. Apparently he had eaten an apple, and part of it was stuck in his throat, but it wasn`t blocking his throat all the way, it was just making it hard for him to talk, and he kept coughing up mucus. That had happened almost 2 hours before! Anyways, we gave him a blessing and then he lay down for 5 minutes and then he was all better, and he even came and ate lunch with us. It is really amazing that God has given us the priesthood, literally his power, to work here on the earth. The church is definitely true!
                        We also had a day were everyone we talked to was weird. First we talked to a girl who was not wearing any pants. Luckily she had a winter coat on and it was fairly long. We just gave her a card and walked away. Then 5 minutes later we talked to a woman who asked "are you the mormons, the people who visit hell?" She was a spiritual painter, and didn`t want to hear anything more from us. Then we talked to a girl who was wearing a picture frame around her neck, and who giggled the whole time we were talking to her. Then finally as we got into a bus at the end of the day there was this gangster guy sitting in the back of the bus so I sat by him, and he was wearing a NY hat, so I asked him in English if he was from NY, and strangely enough, he was. It was one weird day of contacting.
            Anyways, our week was pretty good, pretty much because C…… and her sister came to church again, as well as a 9 year old girl named Lydia. We taught her whole family, but her mom and brother couldn`t come, so she rode her bike alone to the church. What a stud. She already knows the church is true and loves it. We are looking forward to a great next week, hopefully it snows soon, and ADVENT starts. I am so excited. Christmas in Switzerland? There is nothing better. Except for maybe Christmas in the Celestial Kingdom, but it is pretty close.
Elder Terry

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