Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

            Well first of all, we are still working on the dentist thing. I need to call the nurse today and see if we have found a dentist that I can go to here in the area. Otherwise this week was pretty good.  (Elder Terry has discovered a cavity and because he lives in Switzerland he can't just go to any dentist and have insurance cover it)
            We started off on Tuesday with interviews with Pres. Miles. It was really good to get to talk to him again. Then we had an austausch and I worked with Elder Bauerfeind in Wetzikon. We had a lot of fun, and we taught P…….., our Jehovah’s Witness investigator, and C……….., a less active sister. P…….. isn`t making a lot of progress because she won`t really read in the Book of Mormon. It is so frustrating. Just read the book and pray about it. What is so hard?
            But anyways, we had a pretty rough day on Thursday, with 3 fallen out appointments, and that was super hard. But we did have some cool experiences. We went to one of our planned appointments and she wasn`t there, and we wanted to go by on another less active family, but we couldn`t find their street on our map, so we went to an active family`s house to ask if they knew where it was. Only the dad was home, and he is really inactive. But he was nice and offered to google it really quick and let us in. He still couldn`t find it, so he pulled out a phone book and looked in there, and finally found it. He told us how to get there, and we explained that we wanted to watch this short 5 minute video with this family, but first we wanted to watch it with him. He said he had no time and needed to get back to work, but eventually we persisted, and we watched a short movie, finding happiness, with him. It was way good and he loved it, and afterwards he offered to drive us to this family, which gave us time to talk with him a little more. On Sunday his wife came up to us and thanked us for talking with her husband and that it had really affected him. So hopefully he comes back to church soon.
            We also went by on another less active sister, W…….. S………... She had met with the missionaries before, but then a new set of missionaries came and they followed the rules and said that they needed to have a man come with them (if you don`t already know this, missionaries aren`t  allowed to meet with women alone. We have to bring another man) this really offended Sis. S………..., and she hasn`t met with the missionaries since. That was about one and a half years ago. So we went by on her, and she was excited to see us, and invited us in, and we asked if there was a man there, and she started to get really offended again. Apparently the missionaries before had told her that the rule was there to protect the church from lawsuits, and this made Sister S…….. mad. We explained to her that the rule is actually an opportunity for the members to come more often with us on joint teaches, and that it is really effective in getting the young men to come with us, because we can call them and tell them that it is absolutely essential that they come with us. After we explained it this way she just looked at us and said, "Wow, you have totally changed my view of this situation." We asked her if there was any service we could do for her, and she said she needed to have a couple of light fixtures changed, and we offered to come by later in the week with another man and change them and share a spiritual thought with her. Which she accepted and we were able to do. So that is another cool experience from this week.
            Yesterday was an exciting day food wise. We had lunch with the Drewlows, and we had cheese fondue. Apparently that is the most Swiss of all meals, and they were offended that I hadn`t had it yet. But it was so tasty! I loved it. Then we went to H…….’s house, she is an investigator. She invited us over to eat with her entire family. I had the lovely opportunity to eat crab legs. I still don`t like them. But we got to teach like 13 people, which was cool.  Anyways, the church is most definitely true. The Book of Mormon can change lives. It has changed mine. And the commandments are there for our blessing.
            Sometimes we all, like Sister S……., lose sight of the many, many blessings that come to us when we keep the commandments. I know, as it says in D&C 29, that there are no physical or financial or political commandments. All commandments are spiritual. And if we keep the commandments, we are guaranteed peace in this life, and eternal life in the world to come. I know this to be true. The Lord has always blessed me when I have been obedient, and I am confident that he will continue to do so. So, like Nephi, my final words are "I must obey."

Elder Terry

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