Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Hallo meine Leibe Familie!
            Wie gehts? I am doing really good. Turns out today is Stephanstag, so that means we didn`t go to Leichtenstein because the passport stamping office would be closed. So maybe next week.
            Anyways, this week was an interesting week. Monday was a holiday, and I told you all about that already. Tuesday we had a mini p-day, in that we went shopping and sent emails. The rest of the week we worked hard, but there just seemed to be no one we could really work with. It was depressing. Everyone was out of town. And there wasn`t a big rush of new people wanting to listen to us either. We did talk to one guy, Esak Waldeyesus, he comes from Eretria, and we had an appointment with him, but he doesn`t speak the best German, and just wanted help finding a new apartment. So that was rough.
            But we are super excited to have a week where there won`t be so many silly holidays. We had a great new year though. Bishop Uchtdorf invited us over to lunch on the 31, and we had Chinese fondue, which is this really awesome meat that you stick on a skewer and then put in a pot of oil and cook it, and then there are like a lot of different sauces that we can use to dip it in. We had that on Christmas Eve as well, and we also had it on the 26th. It is definitely my new favorite meal. It is so good. But it takes a long time to eat. Anyways, then we spent New Year’s Eve night at the Drewlows.  President Miles gave us permission to stay up late if we were by active members, so we got to stay up for the New Year. People in Switzerland really like to celebrate the new year with fireworks. There were tons of fireworks going off, and for a long time. At least for 30 minutes after 12.
            Then the next day we had church, and L-------, our favorite 11 year old investigator, came to church. It was awesome. She is so cool. We only had Sacrament Meeting, but then we went to the Ramsey family for lunch and had tacos. It is surprising how much I miss Mexican food. Anyways, then yesterday evening we were invited back to the Jägers. (they had us over on Christmas day as well) and this time Bru. Jäger had Swiss army knives that he gave us as new years presents. He is ridiculous. But don`t worry mom, you taught me well, and we have given everyone who invited us homemade chocolate chip cookies and thank you cards. You definitely taught me well. Thanks :) anyways, we are really hoping for a better week this week, which won`t be too hard. I love you all and I wish you all a great week! Have fun going back to school!!!!!
Elder Terry

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