Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hello my mother, first off, here is my new address is

Elder Andrew Terry
Alpine Mission
Vereinweg 10a
Bern 3012

            Now on to the other questions, for the new elders in Wetzikon, one of them is Elder Gashler, and he had been in Wetzikon already on a austausch, so no problems there. I met him at Zürich train station and gave him the keys, and talked to him for a while. I also called them on Tuesday and talked to both of the missionaries coming in, and we have the area book, which has a record of everything we do, and I left tons of notes, so everything went well. And second question, Elder Sanderson has already been in Bern for one transfer, so we didn`t white wash in. I met him at Zürich train station and we went to Bern. It takes about 56 minutes with a train :) so actually my shortest transfer distance. And our trip to Lichtenstein, we also met Elder Esplin and his companion there, and we went the 6 of us. We actually didn`t plan it out so well so we got there late so we didn`t have time to see much, but I took some pictures. Pretty much we just saw the cool building, looked at the prince’s castle on the hill, got our passports stamped, and went back. Nothing out of the ordinary or exciting, sorry.
            Anyways, my week was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, I am working with Elder Sanderson again, and he is awesome. Second of all, there was a baptism in Bern on Saturday, and that was amazingly cool, and 3rd but not last, Pedro got baptized in Wetzikon on Sunday, and we went back to see it, and it was SO cool! Pedro is so awesome, as you will see in the pictures. Anyways, the work is a lot of fun here in Bern. We have already had so many funny experiences.
            First of all, on Friday we were ringing doors and the bottom of an apartment building and a man came down the stairs, opened the door and said "Mormonen?" and then closed it and started walking up the stairs. Then he turned around and opened the door again and said, "If you ring the top floor again I will be really mad" then he closed the door and walked up the stairs. So we kept ringing doors, and a few minutes later the guy threw water out of his window to try and hit us. Luckily we were standing underneath the overhang for the door and we didn`t get wet. But we were laughing so hard.
            Then that same day we were talking to a man, and he told us that Joseph Smith is a free mason and a Satanist, and we gave him the first lesson pamphlet and told him he should find out what Joseph Smith really did, and he took the pamphlet and flipped through it. Then he came to the part about the restoration of the priesthood and there is a picture of the 3 apostles giving Joseph Smith the priesthood, and he looked at the picture, and then said "There must be some kind of subliminal messaging in this" and he starts turning the picture around looking for "subliminal messages". When he couldn`t find anything he closed the pamphlet and said, "I couldn`t find any, but there must be some subliminal messaging in there." He was a funny guy, but didn`t want to meet with us, sadly. We have found quite a few people though that we will start teaching soon, and this morning we got to go on an adventure.
            We went with the member in charge of public relations in Bern to a university in Freibourg, which is in the French part of Switzerland, outside of our mission. Don`t worry, we had permission from Pres. Miles. We went there to give a presentation about baptism to a class there on the university about religious initiation rites. We also answered questions, and at the end we handed out Books of Mormon. Of the 20 students 10 of them took Books of Mormon, so that was really cool. I think that is about everything I have to talk about this week, I haven`t taken any pictures of Bern yet, but probably today, so I will send those next week. And I wish you the best week ever! I love you!

Elder Terry

Pedro's Baptism



District missionaries

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