Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Liebe geliebte Bekannten (dear beloved friend),
                This week was awesome! Obviously, because we had General Conference! General Conference was so good. I really loved Pres. Eyring’s talk on Saturday morning. Man he is so good. He just exudes humility, at least in my opinion. And man, I can`t lie, priesthood session was so awesome. Elder Bednar is a living Preach My Gospel. He is so cool. Anyways, hopefully all of you watched general conference as well, so I don`t need to talk too much about it.
                Now some stories, first of all, the funny ones. So on Friday Elder Sanderson and Elder Parker, (I was on austausch in Pratteln) met with one of our members, who is a refugee from Africa. As they were teaching him, a random refugee from Tibet came up to them and asked, "You teach me Jesus? You teach me prayer?" Unfortunately because of circumstances, they couldn`t teach him, but the member brought him to General Conference, which was really cool. Another cool story in conjection (is that spelled right? am I using it right? I can`t speak English) (I think he meant connection not conjection) with General Conference is that one of our investigators, who just moved to Interlaken, came to General Conference, and she had a great experience. She LOVED Pres. Monson, and after General Conference she told us she wanted to get baptized!!! JA WOHL!!!!!! That was cool. 
                As for the rest of the week, we had a baptism from Interlaken on Monday, and that was really cool. Then Tuesday we had an austausch with Zollikofen, and I got to work with Elder Jacob, my old companion. And we had an interesting experience and it goes well with the comic you sent us. There was a comic by Pat Bagley in the newspaper with two missionaries asking a woman what she knows about the Church and around her are words like “magic underwear”, ‘”the black curse”, “polygamy”, etc.  It came out just after all the stuff happened at BYU.  It was funny so I sent it to Andrew to enjoy.  The elders in Zollikofen found a family where the mom comes from California, and we met with them on Tuesday. And unfortunately I asked the question, "What questions do you have about our church?" and wow, everything possible came out. "Who do you think God the Father is?" "Is Satan Jesus` brother?" are just two examples. Let’s just say that this lady had chosen to inform her self about our church through what excommunicated former missionaries said was wrong with the church. But by the grace of God, with a lot of prayers, and A LOT of help, we survived the first round, and made out a return appointment. And they invited us to lunch :) The truth really is going forward and it can not be stopped.
                Thanks so much for the package. I loved it all, and I loved the recording. I will try to talk into it this week, and send it back next week. But we will see, this week is really busy. On Wednesday we are going to München for zone leader counsel. And we will be there for 3 days. Hopefully it will be good. Anyways, I love you, have a great Easter. The Church is True!

Elder Terry

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