Monday, May 28, 2012

May 21, 2012

Dear MOM,
         Well I am sorry but this letter is going to be short becuase we are going to Zermatt today to see the Matterhorn! So sorry, no chatting today. But yes, Elder Clegg is Palmer. He is cool. (One of Andrew's friends mentioned that one of Andrew's roommates from BYU was in his mission district and I didn't know them by last name so I asked Andrew which roommate it was)  And yes, I remember Bro. Zirker`s talk about the statistical report. And yeah, I like the statistical report. (We have had two outstanding talks given in our ward in the past using the Statistical Report---Andrew is now one of the missionaries in that count!!)  Anyways, this week was an interesting one for us. We went to München again to meet with Bru. Kohler the guy from the missionary department. It was really cool. He taught us a lot of cool stuff, especially about how we can teach better. So that is good. oh, yesterday I gave a talk in church. that was fun. Anyways, I will send you some pictures of the most famous mountain in the world next week. I love you!

Elder Terry

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