Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Sei gegrüsst!
                Man, being on a mission is the best, just let me say that. This week was pretty awesomely good. It is funny to think that BYU invite was last week and that region is this week. Man, did I really graduate 2 years ago? Holy Swiss cows, I am old! Anyways, no one that is reading this really wants to hear me blabber on about "the good old days" so I will move on.
                Anyways, this week was good. First I will talk about my geographical experiences. I spent some time in a branch known as Reinach. And guess what? We were in a little town, and it turns out to be the town where Roger Federer is from. And GUESS WHAT? Nope, I didn`t get to meet him, but turns out that this town of Reinach is like SLC for a religion called anthrosolophy, or something like that. I can`t spell. But I really want to know what these people believe, so someone wikipedia it for me. I believe the founder of the religion was some guy with the last name of Steiner.
                Anyways, that was Tuesday to Wednesday, and then Thursday to Friday we went to München for Mission council. It was way cool. I love going there because it is like a spiritual recharge. But what was really cool this time is the experiences I had going to and coming back from München. So on the train ride from Bern to Zürich Elder Sanderson and I were studying and preparing for Mission council, and I suddenly had a really strong feeling that I needed to talk to someone on the train about the gospel. The lady sitting across aisle from us was reading a newspaper, and across from her was a young woman who had headphones in. And I didn`t think that it was either of them. So I started looking around to see who could be the one that is ready. But then I had the feeling that I really needed to talk to this lady sitting across from us. So I tried to ask her a question about German, but she totally ignored me, but the young woman sitting across from her took out her headphones and answered my question and we were about to have a conversation with her. She had actually done a missionary like thing for another church, and was really interested in religion. And what is more interesting is that she had actually gotten on the wrong train. Man, it is so cool because the Lord totally put her in our path.
                Then on the train ride home from München I sat across a man from Spain. And what is really cool is that while we were in München Elder Sanderson had the feeling that we should bring a Spanish Book of Mormon with us, so I was able to give this guy a Book of Mormon. It was really cool to see how the Lord had truly blessed and guided us this week. It was awesome.
                Well other then that there isn`t much newness happening. This Thursday we are doing a mission wide finding day where we will have no appointments and only "find" people all day. I am super excited, but please pray for us.
                Otherwise, I hope everything is going well at home. Good luck to everyone at region, but naturally Sidney gets the most luck. Anyways, thanks to everyone for all of their awesomeness. And guess what? The church is still true, and that isn`t going to change anytime soon! I know that the Lord is ready to bless us, if we will set our faith in him. "Ask and ye shall receive" so start asking so you can start receiving!

Elder Terry

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