Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

                Hello! Happy pfingst Monday! I totally forgot that it is Memorial Day (that is totally an American holiday) but today is pfingst monday! For those of you well versed in the Bible (hopefully that is all of you. If not, you can start now. Read Acts 2) this past weekend was Pentecost! Which is a lot bigger deal here then in Utah. So most of the stores are closed.
                Anyways, on with life. Unfortunately the weather was not so good last Monday, so we were unable to see the Matterhorn. But we did enjoy the 2 hour train ride from Bern to Zermatt. And then 2 hours back. But let me tell you about some of the great news of my life. Last saturday V______ S________, my favorite investigator in Wiener Neustadt, was baptized. YES!! Man that is so cool. Anyways, on with this last week...
                We had another finding day on Friday, and it was pretty awesome. We were able to find 23 potential investigators this time, which was pretty cool. Other then that, I really can`t remember much, but I am sure that some pretty cool stuff happened. Sorry :( The church in Switzerland is awesome. I just love it here. It is crazy how fast the time goes. It is almost June! AHH! There seems to be so little time. Elder Sanderson and I are really trying to raise it up. To give our best everyday. It is hard, but definitely worth it. The Book of Mormon is true. The principles of the gospel are true. They work. We can and we must repent. When I think about how much Christ did to provide us with the chance to repent, I must ask myself if there is more I can do to repent, and if there is not more that I can do to help others repent? Being a missionary is the best! Thank you for your love and support!

Elder Terry

Pictures from Zermatt:

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