Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Dear Mommy,
                It is good to know that you made it safely up to Snowbird. That road is super scary for Utah standards ( it has NOTHING on roads in Europe) so its good to know that you survived. I hope you guys have a lot of fun up there.
                Anyways this week has really been a week of pure awesomeness. So last week we had 8 baptismal dates, and this as of today we have 21 baptismal dates, which is a pretty solid jump! We are super pumped. But first let me tell you about what happened.
                So as we were planning for this last week Elder Sanderson and I both felt like we needed to just invite all of our investigators to be baptized, and not just that, but that we needed to really make that a focus for our teaching. Then on Tuesday we had an austausch with the Elders in Biel, and Elder Schulzke and I worked here in Bern, and Elder Sanderson worked with Elder McKee in Biel. All of our appointments fell out except for one, with a lady named A_____ from the Dominican Republic. We taught about the Restoration and then we invited her to be baptized, and she said yes. Meanwhile Elder Sanderson and Elder McKee invited someone to be baptized who said yes as well, and it just continued for the entire week. We now have 6 people who have committed to be baptized on a specific date. So we are super excited. It is truly amazing how the Lord has blessed us. On Friday and Saturday of this week we went to Munich for zone leader council, and that was really good. I learned a lot. 
                Unfortunately yesterday there was a woman’s running race ( probably for breast cancer awareness or something) and it disrupted the buses and trams that go to the church, and we forgot about it until we got to the bus stop. So some of our investigators got lost, and some just gave up and went home, which was our fault since we forgot to tell them about it, but it’s all good. We did have a really great lesson with a lady named I________ after church. She is the cousin from A____, and we found them on the streets last week, and yesterday we watched the restoration with her, and she is just very receptive to the spirit, and is SUPER excited to be baptized in July. It will be awesome. Anyways, other cool things, we were walking on the streets a few weeks ago and a lady yelled "hey elders!" and started to talk to us. She is from Jamaica, and went to church with her grandma when she was little. We finally had an appointment with her yesterday, and it went really well. 
                Anyways, all I can say is thanks for all of your faith and prayers. You are the best! The church is most definitely true.  And Switzerland is the best!  LOVE YOU

Elder Terry 

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