Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6, 2012

                Well this week was pretty exciting for us. We had a lovely train ride to München like normal, but there was a surprise waiting for us.... namely Elder Richards of the second quorum of the seventy, who is now in the area presidency, decided that he wanted to come and visit our mission, so he and his wife came to zone leader conference. That was pretty cool. It was cool to learn from him and it was a really spiritual experience.
                Otherwise, things are going good. We haven`t had very much contact with I_______, I called her every day, but on Tuesday she answered and said that she was sick, and since then we haven`t had any contact. So we are praying and fasting that everything goes well with her, that she will feel better, and that we will be able to have contact with her today. Other than that we are still meeting with M______, he is making a lot of progress, but unfortunately he came late to church and missed sacrament meeting. AH! but it will all work out, we will talk with him today more about it. We also had contact with Hadgu again, and are working to help him get ready for Baptism.
                Do you know what is crazy? I have been thinking and praying about what I should do with the last 6 months of my mission, and I counted, and man, I only have 191 days left on my mission! WHAT? Where did all the time go? Oh well, we live life one day at a time, and all I can do is work today to do all that the Lord wants me to do today.
                I testify that we have a loving Heavenly Father, who as he told Oliver Cowdery, gives us answers EVERY time that we ask in faith, with real intent. I am so immensely grateful that God has trusted us with the chance to come here and to make correct choices, and I know that He is always faithful, that divine help is always available, and that even in our moments of despair and loneliness, He is there for us and with us, to the very end. I know that this church is the true and living church, the only one upon the face of the whole earth, and this knowledge is very important to me, and to every single soul. Let us all do a little more to share the gospel with those we know, who also are in so desperate need of the love of the Lord. I love you, and my prayers are with you!

Elder Terry

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