Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 30, 2012

Dear Mom,
      Well I can`t really remember this past week either. But I will try. Monday we played basketball with Elder Sullivan and Elder Reed, and man, I can`t plan basketball anymore. I retire. Not that I could really play before. Then we ended up talking to alot of people. We were on our way home and we saw a guy that was smoking marijuana and of course we talked to him. He didn`t believe in God, but we read with him in the Book of Mormon, and gave him one. The pretty much sums up our week this week. We gave out 18 Books of Mormon. And got a lot of contact information, but the problem is, that Europeans like vacation. They get 5 weeks of vacation. So people are interested but say things like, "Okay I will read this Book, but I am going to Spain until the end of September. Can you call me then?" hahaha it is just part of the pattern of the Lord I guess. 
      I______ was unable to come to church this week, but she is doing way good, and we are excited for her baptism in a few weeks. We did have a miracle this week. On Sunday we had no one at the church. Then at 12 o`clock somone showed up. His name is Mikael. We met him last week. But we hadn`t had any contact with him. But he came to church. And man, he is really cool. HE has already read the Book of Mormon, and has prayed about it, and knows that it is true. And he will be baptized very soon as well.
       Anyways, I am sorry, I can`t remember what else we did, but it was a cool week, and I learned a lot. More than anything I felt the Love of Christ, testifying to me that He truly does love us. He has carried our pains and sorrows, and he will carry us as well, if we will let him.
Elder Terry

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