Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Dear Mom,
                Well, first off the exciting news.... I am being transferred! I will be going to Chur! That is on the other side of Switzerland. It is in the mountains, and it is the only area with a car in Switzerland! I love it already! hahaha and I will be training, which will be an adventure. BTW my companion will have a driver’s license, but I really want to drive as well and I talked with Pres. Miles about it and he said I can do it, but I have to pay for the license myself. But I will most likely do it. It isn`t that expensive. And it will be a cool souvenir. And it is good for life. case closed.
                Anyways, besides that little bit of crazy news, we have had a really good week. We had two exchanges this week, and both were really amazing. First exchange I was in Biel. We were in a bus, and I saw a lady and I had the feeling that I should talk to her, but the bus was crowded and I couldn`t really get to her so I thought, oh well. Then we got in the train and she was in the train, so I sat across from her, and started talking to her, but she could only speak French. So that was a bummer. But then out of no where this African guy pops up and is like, "Elder! How are you?" It was a guy named Michael that is actually a member in the French part of Switzerland, and that I had met a few weeks ago in Bern. But it was really convenient that he was there, because he can speak French. So I asked him to tell the girl about the church and he did. She wasn`t too interested, and then I remembered that earlier in the day I had had the feeling to put a French Book of Mormon in my backpack. So I took the book out and gave it to her. She was really surprised and asked (Michael translated) "why do you have a French book? I thought you speak German?" I told her that I had had a feeling that I would meet someone today who needed the book in French, so I had brought it along, and I wanted to give it to her. It was a really cool experience. She gave us her contact information and we gave it on further to the French elders. So that was cool.
                Then miracles on the second exchange. This time I was in Bern with Elder Fahl. We were teaching L________, an investigator from Tibet. He is making a lot of progress and has come to church twice, but we weren`t sure how much he actually understood. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we were acting things out and drawing pictures trying to help him understand. Then we got to baptism, and we talked to him about it, and asked him if he still wanted to be baptized, he said that it was difficult but didn`t expound. We asked what was difficult and he didn`t answer for a while, but finally he explained that his entire family is Buddhist, and he isn`t sure how his family will react if he were to convert to Christianity. He told us that he was afraid that his father would disown him. It was amazing to me that somehow he had understood what we were saying and understood at least partially what would be required of him. We promised him that God would prepare a way for him that would lead to greater happiness for him and for his family. Both of these experiences strengthened my testimony that this is the work of the Lord, and that He is fully capable of doing his own work. If we will get out of his way, yield the natural man to his will, and do all that we can, then he will do the rest.
                We also visited the temple on Tuesday. Man the temple is the best. I love it. We moved most of our p day to Tuesday, hence why I wrote so short last week. but after going to the temple we wanted to go to a museum here in Bern. We got there a little bit later then we wanted, and ended up at the museum at 4:30. We saw signs that said that it would close at 5 pm, but hoped that somehow these signs were wrong, so we went inside and asked the lady at the front desk how much it costs. She asked, "nothing." we thought that that meant the museum was closed and it was too late, but then she told us that the last half an hour is free. So we ran through this sweet museum and took a lot of pictures, all for free. Totally awesome.
                Anyways, that is the main points of this week. It was awesomely good. I loved it. Being a missionary is the best thing ever! The church is so true! I love you!

Elder Terry
Elders Terry and Sanderson in Bern

Elder Terry with Bern Crest

gross spider in the Elders apartment



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