Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Dear Mom,
Montana sounds like it was really good. Sorry I missed it. hahaha I did get an invitation in the mail though on Saturday. That was cool. So a lot of stuff happened this week. First of all we had transfer calls. Or more accurately, we didn`t have conference calls. Remarkably, unbelievably, Elder Nielsen and I will be staying for a record 5th transfer together. Poor Elder Nielsen. Stuck with his trainer and in his first area for 7 months.... pray for him :) hopefully he will be able to endure it, but I am excited for it. 
            Anyways, this week was BUSY. Tuesday we had zone training in St Gallen, and I got to say goodbye to Elder Rosenvall :( Wednesday we went to the temple, from Wednesday to Thursday i had an exchange with Elder Müller, then transfer calls Friday, and Saturday we had a mission wide area book finding day. Pretty much I wasn`t in Chur. But anyways, on to the important people our investigators. So we actually didn`t end up dropping Yuri. We were able to have 2 really great appointments with him. The first one about keeping the Sabbath day holy; the second about the Atonement. And Yuri told us that he wants to get a little more serious about preparing for baptism, (no date yet) but he came to church on Sunday to Sacrament Meeting, and also gave a friend a Book of Mormon and made out an appointment with another friend and us for 2 weeks. So please keep praying for him. The baptismal date is going to come soon I can feel it.
Anyways we also had a really cool experience with our investigator Bruno from Colombia. He texted us last week and said that he didn`t want to meet us anymore and had no time for us. So I called him to ask him if we had offended him somehow, and he explained that he is just busy with work and having a hard time, and then invited us to come over on Thursday. But then on Thursday he wasn’t home, and texted us that he didn`t have time, and wanted to be left in peace. So we wrote him a note and bought a mango and left it for him. The next day he texted us and invited us to come again this week. Hopefully it actually works this time. 
            We also had a great appointment with Denisious. He is the cousin of an investigator. We were able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon, and he is excited to read in it and find out if it is really true. 
            Man, this email looks really short, but I am pretty sure I covered everything. I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Terry

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