Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Dear Mommy,
            Well I am sorry that you have had a stressful week, we had a really good one, if that makes up for it :) hahahaha well it should
            Anyways, we met with a lot of people. First of all Benjamin, everything is going great with him. He is making a lot of progress, and we will meet again with him today. Everything is going to be ready for his baptism on the 24th of March. That is awesome!
            Yuri is also doing good. We aren`t exactly sure what the Lord wants us to do to help him, but we are sure that we need to really get him to pray. So that will be our focus this week. Kurt is also still doing great, and hopefully might be baptized soon. 
            We also found 2 new investigators this week. The first is Joseph Hunziker. He is pretty much a less active Jehovah’s Witness. He smokes a lot, and I don`t think he is actually a member of their church, but he believes they are right. He knows a lot of stuff about the bible, but doesn`t actually know the bible. We met with him and tried to teach him the restoration, but he just kept going on and on about how the trinity isn`t God and the Holy Ghost isn`t a person and on and on, and then finally we asked him where any of this stood in the bible, and he had no idea. Then we tried to teach him from the bible, but he didn`t know where the book of John was. Yet he knows that only 144,000 people will be taken in to heaven, etc. Hopefully we can help him to read in the Book of Mormon and get a testimony of the truth. 
            We also found a cool young couple, Christa and Christof, and they are Methodist kinda, but open and really nice. Hopefully we will be able to meet more with them. Pretty much we have been super busy, oh and I don’t know if already said this, but we decided, to paint our apartment. I am really excited. Anyways also cool, this Sunday Pres Miles is coming to Chur. We are excited to see him. We have zone conference tomorrow as well, so we will see him more then once :) 
            Anyways, I have been studying/pondering about how I can best help the missionaries in my district. It is interesting how knowing that I only have a few weeks left changes my perspective. Suddenly some things don’t seem very important, while other things are suddenly VERY important. One of the things that has suddenly become important is seeing our potential. I mean, as missionaries we so often tell people that we and they are children of God, but can we begin to understand what that means? It means that we have an unlimited potential. Our Father created the universe and everything in it, and the seed of this power is within us, and through the gospel of Jesus Christ can be activated. So often we experience difficulties and think we are incapable of solving them, that we are somehow inferior to our task or calling, yet we all have the divine potential to "posess all the Father hath." I give my testimony that that is God`s goal for us, and that He will never give up or settle for less. I know that with his help we can do all things!

Elder Terry

Elder Moore, Elder Schulzke, Elder Nielsen, me, Elder Müller, and Elder Schilling.
and that suit that I am wearing is the new one that I bought.

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