Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

            It was fast Sunday as well here, and it was a great meeting. L_______, our 11 year old investigator from Eretria came alone again. Her mom had appointments again and her brother slept in. But she is loving church and the Book of Mormon. It is so cool! Anyways this week was a good one. We met with P_______, a Jehovahs witness who has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time, and we answered some of her questions about the spirit world and committed her to read Alma 40. It is sometimes difficult to talk with her, it always turns into an argument, and that is not at all how to teach with the spirit, so that is frustrating, but we are working on it.
            We also met with C_________ and her sister Ca_______. Turns out that Ca______ isn`t (if you read further I think he means “is” here and not “isn’t”) actually a member, she has already been baptized, but never had her records sent over. So that was a little weird. An investigator became a member without us baptizing her.... weird, but the end results are the same, so it’s all for her eternal good. Anyways, we met twice this week with her, and on Tuesday we gave her a blessing because she has been having bad dreams, and then on Thursday when we met we found out more about why exactly she was having bad dreams. She told us that she has been hearing a voice in her head and he tells her weird things, and she pretty much wanted us to perform an exorcism, but instead we dedicated her apartment and advised her to pray and read in the scriptures daily, especially when she is hearing things. We are praying hard for her, and hopefully things are going well.
            Our other solid investigators are family Ch______. We had an appointment on Thursday, but our joint teach canceled on us at the last minute, and we couldn`t find anyone else, so we ended up not being able to meet. Which was super ridiculously frustrating, but I just have to learn to trust that the Atonement will compensate for everything, after all we can do, even fallen out joint teaches.
            We did find a cool guy on the street this week. His name is P_____, and he is Jewish. He is about 25 and super nice and he invited us over to talk with him sometime. So we went by on him and he let us in and we had a nice discussion (I don`t really like "discussions" but this one was pretty good), and we were able to explain a lot about our church. He is super strong Jewish, and doesn`t want to change religions at all, but he is super friendly and loves to talk about religion, and he invited us to come to the synagogue with him one week, and he wants to come to church with us, and he also took a Book of Mormon and promised to read it. I am super excited to see what happens, because like it says the Book of Mormon is written especially for the Jews. So hopefully it will live up to the hype, just kidding, it will definitely be great if he will really read it. He also gave us ties because he collects them, and we are going to give him some ties when we go back. It will be awesome.
            Anyways I am sorry that this letter is going to be so short, but we are going to the temple on Friday, so we have to have a shorter p day today, but MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is the most wonderful time of the year, and it is the BEST time to bear testimony of Christ, both in word and in deed. So everyone go do something Christ-like for someone else. You will be blessed and feel the spirit of Christmas filling your soul. Still no snow yet, but I already have hot chocolate. So I`m prepared! Love you
Elder Terry

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