Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hoi myne Familie!
                Wie gehts? Ich liebe euch!  This week was pretty awesomely awesome. For some reason the weather decided that it wanted to be cold again. So it has been rainy the past few days. But not even rain can stop the spreading of the gospel. So why was this week so good? Let me tell you.
                So first off Tuesday we had interviews with President Miles. It was great. My interview was pretty short, but it was good. We had to be there the entire time, and as Pres. Miles was interviewing people we taught the rest of the districts. It was really good. After the interviews we had austausches with the assistants. It was cool. Elder Ronna and I worked together, and all of our appointments fell out. So we went home quickly to pick up umbrellas, and Elder Ronna and I prayed that we would find someone who was prepared to accept our message. And then we went outside and started talking to people. As we were walking down the street we found a young man, who stopped to listen to us. He was pretty interested, but didn`t have much time and wouldn`t make out an appointment. But he said he had time right now. So we went with him to the University of Bern campus and found a table to sit at. He was super cool and had tons of questions, and Elder Ronna and I were able to testify that he can get answers to his questions. He didn`t want to give us his contact information, but he promised that he would call us in a few weeks. So we will definitely be praying for him.
                We also met this week with a cool Swiss lady named R_________. She is really open and came to church with us on Sunday, and really liked it. Also we went to Interlaken to give an baptismal interview to an investigator, and man, it is really beautiful there. Like ridiculous. I am going there on austausch tomorrow and will take pictures for you. And then there was the baptism from this investigator on Saturday. That was super cool as well. All and all it has just been a great week.
                Elder Sanderson and I have been having a lot of joy, mostly because of how awesome Elder Sanderson is. The work is going pretty well here. We are still on the search for "the elect", but hopefully we will be able to find a few this week. Friday is transfer calls, but we are pretty sure that we are both staying here. But we will see. We are still trying to teach the Tibetish guy, hopefully we can find a Tibetish dictionary today, if not, I might need you to google translate things into Tibetian for me :)
                Anyways, it is good to here that things are going well, that there was a good spring break, and that you are running super fast. You are going to run me into the dust when I get home. I love you!
Elder Terry

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