Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Grütz ach!! ( hello is Bärn Deutsch)
                I hope your Easter was awesomely cool. I know mine was. But first let me tell you about this week. This week was ridiculous. So Monday we had a seemingly normal pday, and then on Tuesday we had district meeting and appointments with S________ and S_________, so cool investigators that have a baptismal date, but we aren`t sure if they will make it, as well as H__________, a really cool German guy that we are pumped about.
                Then Wednesday we had to leave at 11:30 so that we could be in München by 6pm for mission council. It was pretty cool. As we were walking through Zürich train station there was an old lady sitting on the bench, and I said "Hello!!!!" to her with all of the excitement that I could muster because she looked really down, she smiled back and we walked on. Then we got on our train to München and "Wala" she was there! Not sure she snuck past us, but we ended up sitting next to here and we talked with her and another older lady for the entire train ride, and at the end we gave them both Books of Mormon, which was cool.
                And then we had meetings with President Miles and the assistants Wednesday night and Thursday, and then Thursday night all of the district leaders in the whole mission came to München and the mission president and assistants and zone leaders taught the district leaders Thursday night and Friday, and we then left and got home at 10:30 Friday night. It was crazy. It was way cool but man, I had forgotten how tiring it is to try to learn things for that long. Good thing the world ends in December 2012 so I never have to go back to college :) oh and a side note for you mom, I played the piano for part of the meeting!
                Anyways, now we are here on Monday. We have a lot of appointments for this next week, it is going to be SUPER busy, but it will be good. A few of the miracles we experienced this week are :
              Saturday we were doing our weekly planning (for those of you versed in PMG, I know we are supposed to do it on Friday, but hey, we were in München, so we did it Saturday) and we decided we wanted a referral from a member. So we prayed for it. Then on Sunday a less active 23 year old girl referred her boyfriend to us :) YES! Man, prayer is just so awesome.
Then also yesterday, there is a member from Nigeria who lives in a refugee home, and he found a guy from Tibet who wants to learn about Jesus Christ. (I think I already told you about him) but he really wants to learn about Jesus. He is so cool! I am so excited for him. The work is really progressing here in Bern, and overall in our mission. I know that the people all around us really are children of God. He wants, more then anything, that they obtain eternal life. I am so grateful for the truths that we have, and that I get to share them. This work really is so great! There is nothing else that brings more joy! I love you all, and am so grateful for your wonderful examples. Thank you all!

Elder Terry

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