Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Servus Zäme Wohl!
                Hallo my family. First off, to answer your questions, yes we get the Liahonas in English, but I would really love my own personal copy of General Conference. It was just so good. And I created a study plan for how I want to study it :) and food wise Bern is very much the same as the rest of Switzerland ( don`t let any Berner people know that I said that) and we haven`t had any really eating appointments in the last transfer. But that is all better now. We got some :)
                And next question... the ward in Bern is cool. There are 4 families from America, or more specifically Utah. The bishop is Bischof Schär, he is really cool, but he is moving to America to go to medical school, so we will get a new bishop in 2 weeks. Then the gml or ward mission leader is bruder Südel, he is from Germany, and very German, but way awesome. The only young men are from an American family and the dad is YMP (Young Men’s President). There are A LOT of less active members, and we have started to visit them.
                More white shirts would be AWESOME! Especially short sleeve ones. Since I only had 4 of those, and you sent me one, so now five, but that makes it hard in the summer. And the ones I have now are really trashed. So yeah, I could use new shirts. And transferred.... nope, Elder Sanderson and I are staying in Bern. And there weren`t a lot of transfers, but there was one change. and guess what it is? Elder Sullivan is coming to Zollikofen, which means he is once again in my district! which is really ridiculous. Other news, Mothers Day, we have 40 minutes, and we can talk on Sunday. So let me know when it works by you and we will need to work that out. Anyways, on to the cool stuff........

                Well this week was interesting. First of all, on Tuesday I went to
Interlaken to do an austausch with Elder Schulzke. It was way good, we met with a couple of cool people, including the lady that used to live in Bern who moved to interlaken, who has a baptismal date, which was cool. Unfortunately it was rainy so no good pictures of Mönch Eiger and Jungfrau, sorry :( oh well. Other cool things, Elder Sanderson and I found a crazy German guy. We talked to him on the street about the purpose of life, and we gave him a card and the next day he called us and said he was at the church but it was locked. So we went there and met with him. He was super funny. It was really hard for me not to laugh, if the situation wasn`t so sad. He is homeless right now, because apparently a lawyer in Germany stole his grandmas fortune so he got no inheritance. But he studied as an engineer and supposedly with the whole BP oil spill of 2010, he emailed BP and told them  the solution to the problem and developed a device to plug the leak and a compound that can clean up the oil, and he went to Paris to meet with them and they stole all of his things. And he saw 9/11 in a vision before it happened . (btw that is a crazy European thing. Apparently every crazy person in Europe knew about 9/11 but no one would listen to them)  Anyways, we met with him the next day as well and he tried to sell us a place on a patent for airplane turbine filters, which he had drawn in a notebook, but they were just circles with cool designs, and we weren`t buying into it. He ended up getting mad at us because we wouldn`t let him sleep in the church. It is sad because we want to be able to help this people, but clearly just giving this guy money or letting him sleep in the church weren`t really responsible options. Difficult decisions.
                Anyways the rest of our week was awesome. S_______, the guy from Tibet, came to church again, as well as R_______. And we had a sweet Sunday School lesson on the gift of the Holy Ghost, and R________ was really affected by it. So hopefully we can invite her to be baptized this week. But that is about it for this week. I love you all, and I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the pathway to success, the formula of true happiness. There is a feeling of extreme satisfaction that comes as we wasted and wear out our lives in behalf of a cause of eternal significance. I know that the blessings and promises of the Lord will all be fulfilled, and so we trust on and hope on!

Elder Terry

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