Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Dear Mom,

                Well here are your answers.

1, I am extending. Most definitely.  (President Miles asked Andrew to extend his mission so we had a little chat about doing that in his last letter.  That means Elder Terry won’t be home until the end of March)
Second my new address is
Elder Andrew Terry
Alpine German Mission
Kirche Jesu Christi
Grünbergstrasse 1
7000 Chur

                My new companion is Elder Nielsen. He is from Denmark, and is super cool. I love him already. Next week I will send you pictures. Today we are in Zürich to get Elder Nielsen registered, and we are sending emails from the Apple store. Pretty smart right? Its free here, but you have to stand the entire time. But who cares, Its free?
                Now about the area.  Chur is probably the most beautiful area in Switzerland. And the biggest. But we live right in the mountains. Elder Nielsen likes to run, so we have gone running every day, and in 2 minutes from our apartment we are on a dirt trail running up the mountains. It is amazing. I love it already. And now I might be able to lose some weight. We will see. Other then that I really don`t know much about our area. We arrived late Thursday night, and we had no appointments. So we just started walking around looking for new investigators and getting to know the city. Our gml or ward mission leader is sweet. He and his family are from Ecuador, and they are really awesome. Sunday we got to know a lot of the members and we made out appointments with a lot of members, so we will start working through them.
                On Sunday we went to the first councilors house. He is really cool, mostly because he is from Orem, UTAH. He graduated from Orem high in 1997. Weird huh? anyways, that was cool. They actually have a sweet ward mission plan here so I am excited to start working with the members.
                We have experienced a lot of cool miracles this week. First of all on Saturday we were on the streets in Chur, and we saw two women. We talked to them. They are from Serbia and are flüchtlings, I think that is refugees. So they live in a refugee camp. We gave them a card and invited them to come to church on Sunday. And surprise surprise, they showed up on Sunday. With their 2 husbands, and with in total their 11 children. The branch in Chur had to use 3 trays for the sacrament for the first time in years, maybe ever. So that was cool. Unfortunately they are looking for financial help, so they talked with the 1st and 2nd councilors and hopefully we will be able to help them a bit. They seemed a little bit disappointed that we couldn`t help right away, but we invited them to come to church again next week. We have also given away 7 BOM in the last 3 days, so hopefully we will see the fruits of our works pretty soon. Anyways, I hope things are going well back home. Good luck with everything, I love you a lot!

Elder Terry 

Zone Conference--June 2012

At the Bern Temple--August 2012

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