Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 10, 2012

Dear Mom,
                Well this week was definitely something new. I have to admit, it has been really weird. The whole training, whitewashing, and having a car thing is a lot of changes, but we are starting to get a hold of it. On Monday we got to know our one investigator, Y____. He is from Chile, and is super cool. Unfortunately he had a really great relationship with the elders before us, and was really hurt that it was whitewashed. So at first he didn`t want to meet with us. But our GML and his family invited us to play soccer with them and Y_____, so we got to know him. He has started to like us but it might take awhile. So in the meantime we have just been trying to get know the members and find new investigators. We have found some cool people, but unfortunately we haven`t been able to make out any appointments with them. GR..... oh well, its part of life, and I am learning to be more bold and to explain better our purpose and how we intend to help people.
                Fun experience of the week:  We had to drive 2 hours through the mountains to get to some members. But it was beautiful. They live in near a city called St. Moritz. Supposedly it is famous, but I guess not famous enough that I knew what it was.  But the 1928 and 1948 winter Olympics were there. It is really beautiful. But 2 hours one way in a car is WAY TOO LONG. I was going crazy. Literally. I brought our area book with us and was hoping that I could call some people, but low and behold, not so great reception. Who woulda’ thought?
                But guess what? Leichtenstein is in our area! And we have members who live there. And supposedly it’s against the law to preach the gospel there. We will see :) So if I suddenly withdraw a lot of money it is so that I can bail my way out of jail :) hahahaha jk. Maybe :)
                Okay enough about the area, we really did experience some miracles this week. We were on the streets in Sargans, a cool town, and we met a lady that is from Portugal. We made out an appointment with her, and on the next day we brought her a Portuguese Book of Mormon, and asked if she knew anyone who would want to learn more. And of did. So we made out an appointment for Saturday and she promised to bring her friend. On Saturday we went to the appointment. M______, (the Portuguese lady) wasn`t there, but her friend was :) cool huh? We have the numbers from both of them, but no appointments for this week, but we will set up some appointments. (funny German note. I almost wrote "Make out appointments" because that is what you say in German. I think that all new missionaries find it funny because it is "make out".)
                Another cool story. We visited a less active sister, and she really wants to return to activity. We are visiting her this Wednesday and will set a date for when she wants to go to the temple.
                Well Tomorrow Elder Nelson of the quorum of the twelve comes to Zurich, so we get to meet with him tomorrow and Wednesday. I am so pumped. It is going to be great. Well I hope that you have a great week, I love you!

Elder Terry

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