Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

                Well this week has been really amazing. Mostly because we had 4.6 investigators at church yesterday! K_____, K___, B______, and Y___ with his 2 kids (they are the .6) It was great! And it really just showed me that God is leading this work, and he knows what we need and how to do his work. Another cool experience yesterday helped me learn that as well.
                So when we went to München to pick up our new companions, Pres Miles met with all of the trainers and he talked with us about the importance of studies. He told us to never miss personal, companionship or German study. Even on Sundays. That was hard for me, because in the past with all of my companions we counted church as our studies and with the training program which includes 2 hours of comp study, our Sundays would then be shot. Church from 10 to 12 (church is only two hours in Chur (Did I tell you that?) then talk with members, walk home, get home at 13, eat lunch til 14, then comp study for 2 hours and German study for 1 hour. Now it’s already 5 o’clock. Day is over. I didn't like it, but hey, Pres. Miles is the guy with inspiration, so what could we do? We had to obey. So yesterday was a day like that. We even had ward council after church, so we didn`t get on the street until 6 o’clock. But the very first person we talked with was a lady from Germany, and she told us she is searching for the truth, and wants to meet next week. Then the next person we talked to was a man from Pakistan, and he and a friend both wanted to learn more, and then we finally got to the guy we wanted to go by on, and we couldn`t find the right door, so I just knocked at a random door, and it was an old lady and her son, both from Eretria, and they let us in and wanted to learn more. Within 15 minutes we had found 5 people who wanted to learn more about the gospel. It was both amazing and humbling. It really showed me that I know absolutely nothing. All of my skills, all of the experience I have, all of my knowledge, it all surmounts to nothing, if I don`t have the spirit. I have knocked doors and streeted for 9 hours without a break and haven`t found 5 interested people. Yet the Lord can send them all to us, one after another, all because we (mostly I) humbled ourselves and followed the counsel of the Lord. I testify that this principle holds true in all aspects of our lives.
                The Lord can do more with 15 minutes then we can do alone in an eternity. The Lord can do more with 9/10 of our income then we can do with all of the money in the world by ourselves. The Lord can do more with 6 days in a week, than we can do alone with 7. But the natural man doesn't see it that way. So often we only see what lacks or how little we have. Like the widow and Elijah, sometimes it seems like the Lord asks us to offer up everything, when in reality He is trying to give us everything. I testify that if we will give what is required of us by the Lord and our priesthood leaders, then like the widow our oil and our flour WILL NOT FAIL. "For with God is nothing impossible." That is my testimony, and I know it is true. Thanks again for all you do, you are the best mom ever!

Elder Terry

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