Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Dear mom,
            well I am writing you a letter from Chur! In the library, but they have a really weird keyboard, so there will be a lot of spelling mistakes, and my letter might be a little bit short. but there is a lot to tell.  (I corrected the spelling errors, sorry just my little OCD thing. I didn’t correct his grammar though because it’s fun to see how hard it is to think in another language.)
            1st, as we were in Zürich last week to get me a drivers license, a lady stopped us on the street, told us she was a member from Canada, and she has a 9 year old daughter who wants to be baptized. Can you say MIRACLE? The silly driver’s license place was closed because there was a big festival, but somehow this lady found us in the middle of the crowd. And we gave her info to the Zürich elders, and now the 9 year old has a baptismal date! Oh yeah.
            We also met with Elder Nelson this week. It was really cool. Man that guy is smart. I don`t think I have ever met someone who knows so much as he does. He told us a lot of cool stuff, about repentance and how we can give all of our hearts to the Lord. Apparently the Greek word for repentance is metanueo or something like that, and it means that we must have a change of knowledge, change of belief, change of spirit and change of breath. It was really interesting. He said a lot of other good stuff, but this keyboard is not so functional.
            Now, on Thursday we were finally able to work in our area, and man, the Lord had a lot of miracles in store for us. So Thursday we were on the streets, and we talked to a cool guy from the Salvation Army (random facts and questions, did you know they are a church? I always thought they were just a charity organization or something. And remind me sometime to tell you about the origin of the Salvation Army) anyways, we gave him a Book of Mormon and had an appointment last Saturday, and we will meet with him again this week. We also invited a guy on the street to come to church on Sunday, and low and behold he was there! And he liked it and we have an appointment with him this week. We also found a cool guy named K_____ from Eretria, and he has family, and wants to learn more.  All and all it is really good because the work here is starting to move forward. It is just awesome. And our gml is super pumped to do missionary work, and is getting the members excited. Man this work is the best. There is nothing better then working with our Heavenly Father to save the souls of men. This church is true. I testify that the Keys of the Priesthood have been restored, without which there can be no church of God. I testify that through the ordinances of that Priesthood we can access the purifying, redeeming, changing power of the Atonement, which ordinances are requisite to enter the kingdom of God. I encourage everyone to ponder on the power of gospel covenants as we partake of the sacrament weekly. I hope you have a great week, and that you feel better soon :)

Elder Terry

With Elder Chapman

Driving to St. Moritz with Elder Nielson

St. Moritz

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