Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 17, 2012

(Elder Terry started his email discussing the Christmas phone call...boring details for all of you following this)

                Anyways, guess what? I forgot to tell you but I played the piano for sacrament meeting last week. I wanted to tell you thanks for forcing me to learn piano, and sorry I was such a terrible student and gave you such a hard time. And I totally ruined it for Sidney and Riker. 
                Next piece of news. Yuri wants to come visit us next summer in
Utah. He is planning on coming in May. Can he stay by us when he comes? 
 Now about this past week. It was way cool. We went caroling on Friday with Bru Lucero and his daughter, and it went well. We went by on an old investigator, and she was very happy and invited us to come back in January. We also had the ward Christmas party on Saturday.  That also went well. 
Funny story. We found a family from
Eretria last week, and we visited them. And as we arrived they were drinking coffee. (that is a huge part of their culture. They drink legit coffee. They make a little fire in their apartment and everything) and of course they offered us coffee. We declined, and so they offered us tea. We asked what tea, and his wife starting making it as he searched for tea bags. Turned out to be black tea, so we declined to drink that as well. We finally settled on water. It was pretty funny because he kept pulling out different kinds of tea but they all had black tea in them. 
                Things here in Chur are going well. We had a lot of snow, but then it melted. Now it is pretty warm.
Anyways, I have a real testimony that Christmas is the best. In German cultures the 4 advents (weeks leading up to Christmas) are a time to reflect and prepare for the next coming of Christ. I like that. This really should be a time where we reflect and take an accounting of our lives. I know that if we do that we will find ways that we can make room for Christ in our lives. I love this church, and I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!!!

Elder Terry

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