Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Dear Mom,
                Well this letter will be really short because we are going to a real Christmas market today in Einsiedeln. I will take a lot of pictures for you. Sorry I haven`t sent a lot of pictures. I bought a new camera, and have been taking a lot of film, but unfortunately I couldn`t send it through email, and I haven`t had the time to think through a new solution. I will be able to show you the film soon enough anyways. 
                PS I changed my mind. There is something I want for Christmas. The Conference Ensign. I still don`t have one :( I feel like I am slipping into apostasy. And we are watching the Christmas devotional on the 23 of December. Oh, and there is still no snow in Chur, but in the mountains around it. But Zürich has a lot of snow. Like 10-15 centimeters. For Americans that would be like 6 or 7 inches. 
               Anyways, this week has once again raced past. I can`t even remember what we did. We are continuing  meeting with K____. He is making a lot of progress, and should be baptized soon. We were hoping actually that he would be baptized this coming Sunday, but there arose some complications, so some time in January seems more likely.
Y____ is doing well, he came to church yesterday and loved it. And just finished reading Jarom. He is going to get baptized really soon, he just hasn`t realized it yet :) we also had a great appointment this week with a family in Lichtenstein. They are Pentecostal, and super bible fans, which makes the Book of Mormon and the whole restoration difficult for  them to comprehend. But we read together in the Book of Mormon and at the end of the appointment they told us, "I don`t know if this book is really from God, but everything we have read today is true." hopefully  they will continue  to read more and more and more and more, because the Book of Mormon is the best. 
                We also had a good appointment with N_______, our friend from
Tibet. He always asks really interesting questions. This week he asked us if it is okay to kill animals or insects. Because it is not allowed in Buddhism. We tried to answer it, but he wasn’t really satisfied. Its not really something we even talk about at church. I guess everyone has to find out for themselves. But I suggest reading in D&C 49: 18-21. It was fairly enlightening.
                Well what is important is that the church is true! We really are led by living prophets and apostles, but what I really love is that they don`t tell us every little rule or do`s or dont`s. Rather we all can know for our selves, through the Holy Ghost, what is right. That truly is one of the greatest blessings ever. I love you and have a great week!
Elder Terry
The Switzerland missionaries with Elder and Sister Nelson (who are Sis. Miles's parents).
Elder Terry is on the fourth row, left center, in the yellow tie

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